Richard Strub

Head - Planning & Systems

Current research and/or projects

  • Manage the overall quality assurance / quality control of the chemical and toxicology analysis conducted at PYLET within the framework established by the PESC Quality Assurance Manual
  • Manage the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and computer network infrastructure at the PESC; The LIMS handles all the requirements for sample tracking, data entry, quality control and quality assurance of the data, reporting and billing to the clients
  • Manage the day to day operations of the PESC facility and its maintenance which has a complex computerized air handling, heating and cooling system needed for the chemical instrumentation and the requirements for toxicology (fresh and saltwater for live organisms)
  • Deliver liaison and coordination functions for all client arrangements, and ensure that client requirements are conveyed to laboratory staff and external contractors; Provide sound advice to clients as their main point of contact for the PESC
  • Deliver a legal sampling course on a regular basis to federal, provincial and municipal department agencies including the following groups: enforcement officers, inspectors, health officers, lay samplers, and managers; This course gives an overview of how to take a proper sample for the different environmental contaminants one would find and maintain legal continuity

Professional activities / interests

20 years S&T experience in managing the Quality Assurance program and the Laboratory Information Management System at PESC

Chairperson of the committee to integrate the Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) for the five operational laboratories across the country

Education and awards

B.Sc. (Hon.) Organic Chemistry, Concordia University, Montreal

Designated Analyst: Canadian Environmental Protection Act and Fisheries Act and Yukon Waters Act

Citation of Excellence Awards

Key publications

Strub, R. 2005. The Inspector's Field Sampling Manual, 2nd Edition, ISBN 0-662-38953-0.

Strub, R. 2005. The Inspector's Safety Guide, 2nd Edition, ISBN 0-662-39415-1.

Strub, R. 1998. Legal Sampling Training and Reference CD.

Wan, M.T., R.G. Watts, M.B. Isman and R. Strub. 1996. Evaluation of the Acute Toxicity to Juvenile Pacific Northwest Salmon of Azadirachtin, Neem Extract, and Neem-Based Products. Bull. Environ. Contam. Toxicol. 56:432-439.

Millward C.G., M.C. Araujo and R.E. Strub. 1991. Microwave Acid Digestion, Metals in Petroleum.

Research facility

2645 Dollarton Highway
North Vancouver, BC V7H 1V2


Member of Canadian Association of Environmental Analytical Laboratories (CAEAL)

Member of the Water Environment Federation

Member of the Microsoft Developers Network