Richard Larocque

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Current research and/or projects

Richard Larocque worked many years in the field of experimental biology. These studies included work on cod, snow crab and the design of new equipment. His recent work deals with benthic habitat mapping and more specifically on wolffish and the St.Lawrence beluga, two endangered species. The geographic focus of his work is on the Gulf and St.Lawrence estuary and involves the description and quantification of habitat characteristics using direct photo and video observations coupled with multibeam acoustic surveys. This combination of data from various sources and at different spatial scales feeds novel habitat models. This mapping initiative is part of an ecosystem framework that can be adapted to other regions and habitats. He designed and built several imagery-related equipments suited to the specific conditions encountered in the St.Lawrence. As a result of this work, he has also compiled a large and unique benthic video and photo bank.

Research and/or project statements

Education and awards

Masters, environnement, University of Sherbrooke, 1990

B.Sc. (Biology), UQAR, 1986