René Morissette, ing., M.Sc.

Image René Morissette
Hydrological and agroecosystem modeller

Support for hydrological and agroecosystem modeling efforts in the Living Labs Initiative

Current research and/or projects

My activities and collaborations aim principally at supporting the development of beneficial management practices using hydrological and agroecosystem modeling tools for the Living Labs Initiative.

Research and/or project statements

Assessing the potential and impacts of different practices on landscape hydrology using hydrological modeling supported by agricultural surface mapping. 2019-2023

Professional activities / interests

  • Hydrological modeling
  • Agroecosystems modeling. Models: STICS (soil-crop), IFSM (farm system)
  • Agricultural and biosystems engineering (biomass harvesting and conservation, energy efficiency, renewable energy)
  • Instrumentation and control
  • Coding in R, Matlab
  • GIS, CAD software
  • Web development

Education and awards

  • 2004 - Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering. Université Laval, Québec
  • 2006 - Master in AgriFood Engineering: Modeling and optimization of the artificial drying of baled hay. Université Laval, Québec


  • 2014 - Young Engineer of the Year Award from the Canadian Society for Bioengineering

Key publications

  1. Morissette, R. and Savoie, P. (2008). "Simulation of baled hay drying with airflow inversion and exhaust air recirculation.", Canadian Biosystems Engineering, 50, pp. 3.9-3.19.

    2008 - View publication details

  2. Cormier, É., Savoie, P., and Morissette, R. (2008). "Mesure de la teneur en eau en continu durant le séchage du foin en balles.", Demi-journée d'information scientifique sur les fourrages 2008, Victoriaville, QC, Canada, February 19, 2008, pp. 30-37.

    2008 - View publication details

  3. Morissette, R. and Savoie, P. (2007). "Simulation of baled hay drying with airflow inversion and partial exhaust air recirculation.", International Conference on Crop Harvesting and Processing (ICCHP) and ASABE, Louisville, KY, USA, February 11-13, 2007, pp. 31-40.

    2007 - View publication details

  4. Morissette, R. and Savoie, P. (2005). "Resistance to airflow of baled hay as a function of air velocity, hay density and stack height.", 2005 ASAE Annual International Meeting, Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, FL, USA, July 17-20, 2005, Paper No. 051050.

    2005 - View publication details

Research facility

2560 Hochelaga Boulevard
Québec, QC G1V 2J3


  • Member of the Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec (No. 134409), title: ing.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Society for Bioengineering, CSBE-SCGAB (No. 1005216)
  • Member of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, ASABE (No. 1005216)