Prud’homme, Solange

Research Engineer

Support the activities of the Department of National Defence and of NATO in the efforts made to reduce energy consumption, apply energy efficiency measures and reduce GHG emissions related to military activity. My role lies primarily in monitoring the energy consumption of equipment deployed by National Defence, modelling and simulating buildings/systems belonging to National Defence and designing hybrid power generating systems that supply various military equipment. I also provide support at the level of energy management and planning for deployed camps.

Current research and/or projects

  • Modelling and simulation of a monitoring site in a remote area to generate an energy consumption profile that could be used to design a hybrid power installation for this site. The simulation will also serve to evaluate different energy efficiency measures that could be put in place at this site.
  • Design and deployment of a hybrid power generating system that would supply a submarine monitoring system in a remote area.
  • Development and improvement of a simulation tool for deployed camps used in the planning of military camp deployment to estimate energy requirements. This tool has also proven to be a very useful decision aid when assessing the impact of energy efficiency measure and innovative technology implementation in deployed camps.
  • Energy management support during military exercises by participating in the installation of monitoring equipment and contributing to the analysis of energy data.

Professional activities / interests

  • Energy management for deployed camps
  • Modelling and simulation of buildings
  • Modelling, simulation and assessment of heat pump performance

Education and awards

Bachelor Degree in Biomedical Engineering

Master’s Degree in Energy Engineering

International experience and/or work

  • Collaboration with the NATO ENSEC COE to share Canada’s energy management and planning expertise.
  • Implementation of training in France and Belgium on energy management and planning for deployed camps.
  • Collaboration with NATO for the analysis of energy data during military exercise Steadfast Jupiter 2023.

Research facility

1615 Lionel-Boulet Blvd.
Varennes, QC J3X 1S6