Pierre-Yves Caux

Director - Science and Technology Integration Division

Current research and/or projects

Provides science and technology expertise and knowledge in the form of R&D and assessments to advise the Government of Canada on the adverse environmental impacts of its projects and programs and to reduce, manage and prevent pollution of Canada’s air, water, soil or climate. Also provides tools to support risk management and environmental decision-makers

Research and/or project statements

  • Provides strategic approaches, scientific expertise, knowledge and advice to influence Government of Canada technology initiatives, guided by EC regulatory priorities and as mandated by the DOE Act and other statutory obligations. Provides secretary / oversight functions for these technology initiatives
  • Environmental risk assessments, management and implementation
  • Environmental monitoring, fate and chemistry, water quality, aquatic toxicology, phytotoxicology, habitat impacts, chemical formulations, analytical methodologies, and statistics (probabilistic estimation methods)
  • Pesticide research and monitoring
  • Energy research and development

Professional activities / interests

Managed the Pesticide Program at EC

Presided over a number of committees and working groups on a variety of topics including wastewater, CWS Risk-based Framework and Agri-environmental Standards Initiatives

Experience in providing scientific and technical support in a regulatory setting (CEPA, FA, PCPA)

Experience in managing a multi-disciplinary team composed of technical, scientific, and policy specialists

Education and awards

Ph.D. Ecotoxicology, University of Ottawa, 1988

Ontario Graduate Scholarship

Environment Canada Citation awards & Excellence awards

Key publications

Caux, P.-Y. and R.A. Kent. 2001. Future Directions in Environmental Quality Guideline Developments in Canada. Australasian Journal of toxicology. 7:13-20.

Caux, P.-Y. and S. Roe. 2000. Environmental Assessments for PCBs, DDT and Toxaphene. Canadian Association on Water Quality Monograph Series No. 5., Canadian Association on Water Quality. Environment Canada, Ottawa Ontario.

Caux, P.-Y. and D.R.J. Moore. 1997. A spreadsheet program for estimating low toxic effects. Environ. Toxicol. Chem. 16:802-806.

Caux, P.-Y., D.R.J. Moore and D. MacDonald. 1997. Ambient Water Quality Guidelines (Criteria) for Turbidity, Suspended and Benthic Sediments. Report from the Water Management Branch, Environment and Resource Management Division, British Columbia Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks, Victoria, British Columbia Canada. 130 pages.

Caux, P.-Y., R.A. Kent, G. Fan and D. MacDonald. 1994. Protocols for the Derivation of Water Quality Guidelines for the Protection of Agricultural Water Uses. Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology. 20: 223-247.

Caux, P.-Y., P. Weinberger and D.B. Carlisle. 1986. DOWANOL an environmentally safe adjuvant. Environ. Toxicol. Chem. 5:1047-1054.