Pierre Lacasse

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Research Scientist

Dr Pierre Lacasse has obtained a Ph.D. in Animal Science from McGill University in 1993.

In 1994, he did a postdoc at Ruakura Agricultural Research Centre in Hamilton, New Zealand; where he investigated the relationship between mammary gland blood flow and milk production.

Since 1995, he is a research scientist in Biology of lactation for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada at the Sherbrooke Research and Development Centre in Sherbrooke, Québec. His current research program focus on the biological control of lactation persistency, factors controlling milk synthesis, effect of dairy cow management on productivity and susceptibility to diseases and the development of new tools to fight mastitis.

He is one of the founding member and leaders of the Canadian Bovine Mastitis and Milk Quality Research Network.

Current research and/or projects

  • Dairy cow management for the next generation.
  • Biological control of lactation persistency.
  • Improvement of dairy cow resistance to disease.
  • Prevention of intramammary infection at drying-off by the stimulation mammary gland immunity.
  • Development of alternative to antibiotics for the prevention and treatment of bovine mastitis.

Professional activities / interests

  • Theme leader and executive member of the Canadian Bovine Mastitis and Milk Quality Research Network.
  • Theme leader and executive member of OP+Lait, Regroupement québécois pour un lait de qualité optimale.
  • Éditor for the scientific journal Animal: an international journal of animal bioscience.
  • Executive and program Committee Member of the NSERC-CREATE on milk quality.

Education and awards

  • 2005 Canadian Society of Animal Science Award for Technical Innovation in Enhancing Production of Safe Affordable Food.
  • 2006 Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA) Bourse pour séjour scientifique de haut niveau.

International experience and/or work

1994-1995                  Postdoctoral fellow at Ruakura Research Centre, Hamilton, New Zealand.

2006-2007                 Visiting scientist at INRA, St-Gilles, France.


Key publications

  1. Dufour, S., Y. Chorfi, C. Krug, P.-A. Morin et P. Lacasse. 2019. Modifier le bilan énergétique des vaches. La terre de chez-nous 4 février 2019 https://www.laterre.ca/actualites/elevages/modifier-le-bilan-energetique-des-vaches

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    2018 - View publication details

  3. Confidential report

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  5. Taherian, A.R., Lacasse, P., Bisakowski, B., Pelletier, M., Lanctôt, S., Fustier, P. (2017). Rheological and thermogelling properties of commercials chitosan/β-glycerophosphate: Retention of hydrogel in water, milk and UF-milk, 63 635-645. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.foodhyd.2016.09.031

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    2015 - View publication details


  • Adjunct Professor, Department of Biology, University of Sherbrooke.
  • Adjunct Professor, Department of Animal Science, McGill University.
  • Member of the American Dairy Science Association.
  • Member of the Canadian Society of Animal Science.