Pierre Héroux, M.Sc.

Section Chief

Canadian Geodetic Survey

Current research and/or projects

Develop products and services that exploit the use of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) for geodetic positioning.

Support the use of GNSS for high-precision positioning and navigation in surveying, engineering and Earth sciences.

Develop standards, software and applications to facilitate the realisation of, and access to, national and global geodetic reference frames.

Research and/or project statements


  1. Online GPS Precise Point Positioning:  Web service for geodetic positioning using precise GPS orbit products.  Serves to geo-reference and quality control high resolution geospatial datasets acquired in topographic and land survey, mapping and remote sensing applications.
  2. Real-Time GPS Corrections:  Service to improve GPS positioning performance for high-precision navigation. Supports machine guidance applications and natural hazards monitoring and warning systems.
  3.  Height Reference System Modernization: Project to update the reference surface representing mean sea-level across Canada.  The height reference system underpins all elevations used for surveying, navigation and water resource management.

Professional activities / interests

Contribute to services of the International Association of Geodesy towards the integration of national geospatial datasets into the  global geodetic reference

Lead national and contribute to North-American collaboration on the realisation, maintenance and distribution of geodetic reference frames.  

Monitor technological and scientific trends in high-resolution terrestrial, airborne or satellite remote sensing.

Education and awards

B.Sc. (Géodésie), Université Laval (1981)

M.Sc. (Surveying Engineering), University of New Brunswick (1997).   




Chair of the Canadian Geodetic Reference System Sub-Committee of the Canadian Council of Geomatics

Associate member of the International GNSS Service of the International Association of Geodesy