Pierre DesRochers


Forest Health

Current research and/or projects

Implementation of the Invasive Alien Species Strategy for Canada. Participates in various CFIA and Environment Canada advisory committees on forest invasive alien species (FIAS), specifically on the monitoring of FIAS in high-risk sites and on butternut trees. Participates in the development of exotic diseases monitoring procedures and in knowledge and information synthesis on exotic pests and their control.

Coordinates the production of a Web portal on FIAS. Collaborates on the Knowledge transfer strategy on forest invasive alien species. Coordinates digital information archiving activities.


Education and awards

Forest engineer with a bachelor’s degree, Université Laval, 1978

Master’s degree in forest ecology and soil science, Université Laval, 1986

Ph.D. in forest sciences, Université Laval, 1992

Research facility

1055, rue du Peps P. O. Box 3800
Sainte Foy, QC G1V 4C7