Philippa Huntsman, PhD.

Image Philippa Huntsman
Research Scientist

Research into 1) the reactivity of metals, metal compounds and alloys in low ionic-strength aqueous media for aquatic hazard identification and classification; 2) the biological, chemical and physical factors that influence the fate and toxicity of dissolved metals and metals associated with particulate matter within marine and freshwater environments and 3) the impact of climate change on mining activities and metal mobility/bioavailability in Canadian waters.

Professional activities / interests

Supervision of graduate students

Education and awards

  • PhD., Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Brest, France, 2006.
  • MSc. (Environmental Geochemistry), University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa, 1996.
  • BSc. (Chemistry and Mathematics), Memorial University, St. John’s, Nfld., 1994.


Natural Resources Canada Minerals and Metals Sector Award for Innovation (2014)

Natural Resources Canada Lands and Minerals Sector Award for Excellence in Science (2019)

Natural Resources Canada Departmental Award for Excellence in Science (2020)

International experience and/or work

Projects with NiPERA, the International Tungsten Association, Cobalt Institute and the industry Metals Environmental Research Association (MERA)

Research Fellow (2000-2008) Okavango Research Institute, University of Botswana, Botswana



Key publications

Miller, C.B., Cleaver, A.E., Huntsman, P., Asemaninejad A., Rutledge, K., Bouwhuis R.F., Rickwood, C.J., 2022. Predicting water quality in Canada: Mind the (data) gap. Canadian Water Resources Journal.


Cleaver, A.E., White, H.P., Jamieson, H.E., Rickwood, C.J., Huntsman, P., 2022. Field comparison of fugitive tailings dust sampling and monitoring methods.  Science of the Total Environment. 823, 153409.


Gagne-Turcotte, R., Reynier, N., Larivière, D., Zagrtdenov, N., Goulet, R., Huntsman, P., 2022. Impact of variability in precipitation patterns on the geochemistry of pyritic uranium tailings rehabilitated with saturated cover technology. 2(2) 385-401.


Cleaver, A., Jamieson, H.E., RIckwood, C., Huntsman, P., (2021) Tailings dust characterization and impacts on surface water chemistry at an abandoned Zn-Pb-Au-Ag deposit. Applied Geochemistry.


Huntsman, P.,  Beaudoin R., Rader, K., Carbonaro, R., Burton, G.A., Baken, S., Garman, E., Waeterschoot, H., (2019). Method development for determining the removal of metals from the water column under transformation/dissolution condtions for chronic hazard classification.Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. 38(9), 1839-1849.

Burton, G. A., Hudson, M., Huntsman, P., Carbonaro, R., Rader, K., Waeterschoot, H., Baken, S., Garman, E., (2019). Weight-of evidence approach for assessing removal of metals from the water column for chronic environmental hazard classifcation. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. 38(9), 2032-2042.

Cleaver, A. Jamieson, H., Huntsman, P., Rickwood, C. (2019). The effects of metal-bearing mine dust on surface water chemistry. In B. Alcayaga & J. Wiertz (Eds.), 6th International Congress on Environment and Social Responsibility in Mining, Chapter 4: Dust Impact Assessment and Control (pp.159-167). Gecamin, Chile.

Clemente, J.S., Huntsman, P., 2019. Potential climate change effects on the geochemical stability of waste and mobility of elements in receiving environments for Canadian mines south of 60N. Environmental Reviews.

Huntsman, P., Skeaff, J., Pawlak, M., Beaudoin, R., 2018. Transformation/Dissolution characterization of tungsten and tungsten compounds for aquatic hazard classification. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management. 14 (4), 498–508.

Huntsman-Mapila, P., Skeaff, J., Pawlak, M., Beaudoin, R., 2016. Addressing hazard classification criteria for metals and metal compounds in the marine environment. Marine Pollution Bulletin. 109, 550-557..

Huntsman-Mapila, P., Skeaff, J., Pawlak, M., Beaudoin, R., 2016. Exploratory examination of removal of metals from the water column under Transformation/Dissolution Conditions for chronic hazard classification. Natural Resources Canada, ON.  WF_9116717.

Huntsman-Mapila, P., Beaudoin, R. 2015. Transformation/Dissolution studies on one cobalt massive at pH 6. Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa, ON. CMIN-2015- 2637-1-RE.

Huntsman-Mapila, P., Beaudoin, R. 2015. Transformation/Dissolution studies on two cobalt alloy at pH 6. Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa, ON. CMIN-2015- 2637-RE.

Rickwood, C.J., King, M., Huntsman-Mapila, P., 2015. Assessing the fate and toxicity of Thallium I and Thallium III to three aquatic organisms. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety. V115, pp300-308.


Adjunct Assistant Professor, Queen's University

Member, Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry