Philip Byrne

Veterinary Pathologist

Current research and/or projects

My background is in veterinary pathology involving diagnostics, research & teaching. My recent work has involved setting up a new biocontainment research laboratory, in support of the National Aquatic Animal Health Program - NAAHP. This new lab (Charlottetown Aquatic Animal Pathogen & Biocontainment Lab - CAAPBL) supports work with hi-risk aquatic animal pathogens involving in vivo (live animal) and in vitro research and testing. The lab consists of a number of leased areas within a CFIA animal & plant laboratory, in Charlottetown. Live animal holding can support any housing requirement for aquatic animals with the help of sophisticated environmental controls, salt fresh or brackish water available (0-35 ppt) with a wide range of temperatures available (4-35°C, steady or circadian variations).

CAAPBL is now operational; live animal research has recently commenced involving establishment of experimentally created host-pathogen models, involving several viral diseases. Recent research has involved diagnostic test development for a crustacean viral disease. My other work includes collaborating with researchers at the Atlantic and Ontario veterinary colleges (NAAHP & ACRDP projects, graduate student committees), heading the NAAHP biosafety and biocontainment portfolio and work with the Maritimes & Gulf Animal Care Committee.

Research and/or project statements

Professional activities / interests

Dr. Phil Byrne, a licensed veterinary pathologist, is a section head and lead scientist at the Gulf Biocontainment Unit - Aquatic Animal Health Laboratory (GBU-AAHL). He provides advice and services for the National Aquatic Animal Health Program research projects, as well as health and welfare issues involving housed aquatic animals in DFO facilities. Dr. Byrne collaborates with researchers at Atlantic and Ontario veterinary colleges and in addition, works with DFOMaritimes and Gulf Animal Care Committees and is a council member of the Canadian Council on Animal Care.


NAAHP related research conducted by Dr. Phil Byrne:

Education and awards

PhD (Veterinary Pathology), University of Guelph, 2001

MSc (Parasitology), University of Guelph, 1989

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, University of Guelph, 1995