Peter Barton, P.Eng

Engineer - Head, Engineering & Vehicle Testing, Emissions Research and Measurement Division

Current research and/or projects

Compliance testing in support of vehicle and engine regulations/programs; Reducing risks posed by pollutants or other harmful or dangerous substances in the environment; Evaluation/verification of environmental technologies

  • Evaluation of vehicles and engines as per the requirements of CEPA 99, part 7, division 5, to ensure compliance with regulatory exhaust emission standards.
  • Development of facilities and instrumentation for the evaluation of ultra low emission vehicles for exhaust emissions and fuel consumption.
  • Verification of vehicle/engine after-market alternate fuel conversions for compliance with Canadian and International exhaust emission regulations
  • Evaluation and verification of after-market, emission, fuel consumption and performance products
  • Evaluation and testing of advanced vehicle energy storage and propulsion systems

Professional activities / interests

Vehicle chassis dynamometer exhaust emission and fuel consumption testing

Impacts of after-market, emission, fuel consumption and performance products

Representative on the Bi-lateral Environmental Technology Verification program, United States – Canada ETV Diesel Sub-working Group

International laboratory correlation and ISO accreditation

Education and awards

B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton

Key publications

Barton, P. 1997. Evaluation of Exhaust Emissions from a Small Utility Engine Equipped with an Exhaust gas after treatment system, Phase 2. Environment Canada, MSED Report No. 97-26783.

Barton, P.J. and B. Ainslie. 1997. Regulated & Unregulated Emissions from a 2.5 MW Gas Turbine Running on Diesel and Bio-Fuel. Environment Canada, MSED Report No.97-26780.

Barton, P.J. 2004. Study of Heavy Duty Vehicle Exhaust Emissions and Fuel Consumption with the use of a JetStar™ Hydrogen Gas Generator. Environment Canada, ERMD Report No. 2004-32v2.

Barton, P. 1996. Study of Heavy Duty Vehicle Exhaust Emissions from a Modified CNG us Fueled with Hythane®. Environment Canada, MSED Report No. 96-26766.

Barton, P.J. and J. Fearn. 1997. Study of two and four stroke outboard marine engine exhaust emissions using a total dilution sampling system. SAE Technical Paper No. 972740.

Barton, P. and J. Simpson. 1994. The effects of aged catalysts and cold ambient temperatures on nitrous oxide emissions. Environment Canada, MSED Report No. 94-21.

Research facility

335 River Road
Ottawa, ON K1V 1C7


Licensed Professional Engineer, Professional Engineers of Ontario

Member, Society of Automotive Engineers