Paul Wilson

Image Paul Wilson
Remote Sensing Scientist

Support development of Radar Satellite Earth Observation methodologies for the characterization of a variety of Canadian environments, including permafrost, freshwater ice and wetlands. 

Current research and/or projects

Analysis of SAR satellite imagery for characterization of northern Canadian environments. 

Research and/or project statements

- Characterization of active layer thickness in continuous permafrost zones using L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)

- Assessment of discontinuous permafrost coverage in Canada using L-band SAR. 

- Characterization of freshwater ice (structure, thickness, greenhouse gas bubbles) through analysis of C-band SAR (RCM) and fieldwork. 

Education and awards

M.Sc. Geography, McGill University, 2012. Specialization in peatland hydrology and biogeochemistry

B.Sc. Environmental Science, Carleton University, 2009.