Paul A. Makar

Research Scientist - Air Quality Modelling

Current research and/or projects

Creation and improvement of air-quality computer simulation models for policy and forecasting purposes

  • Urban/rural air-quality simulations: effects of local meteorology and urban landscape on air pollution computer simulations
  • Effects of agricultural emissions on formation of particulate matter
  • Model resolution, model nesting, and effects on simulation accuracy; Evaluation of air pollution models using measurement intensive and monitoring data
  • Numerical methods for air pollution simulations: methodologies for the mathematical and computational description of gas and particle emissions, transport, reactions and removal from the atmosphere
  • The use of Air-Quality models for policy applications and advice to policy maker; Contributing to government assessments on AQ policy-related issues

Professional activities / interests

Co-supervised 4 students at York U and U of T, currently supervising two postdoctoral fellows at EC

Reviews scientific journal papers for ES&T, Atmospheric Environment, Journal of Geophysical Research, and others

Conference workshop attendance and session chair, including 5 sessions chaired at past American Aerosol Association annual conferences.

Advisor on Air-Quality modelling topics to government policy-makers

Education and awards

PhD, York University, 1994

MSc, University of Toronto, 1989

BSc, University of British Columbia, 1986; Diploma in Meteorology, Dalhousie U, 1987

Key publications

Makar, P.A., S. Gravel, V. Chirkov, K.B. Strawbridge, F. Froude, J. Arnold and J. Brook. 2006. Anthropogenic heat flux, urban properties, and regional weather. Atmos. Environ. 40: 2750-2766.

Stroud, C., P.A. Makar, T. Karl, A. Guenther, C. Geron, A. Turnipseed, E. Nemitz, B. Baker, M. Potosnak and J.D. Fuentes. 2005. Role of canopy-scale photochemistry in modifying biogenic-atmospheric exchange of reactive terpene species: Results from the CELTIC field study. J. Geophys Research. 110:2005JD005775.

Makar, P.A., V.S. Bouchet and A. Nenes. 2003. Inorganic Chemistry Calculations using HETV - A Vectorized Solver for the SO42--NO3--NH4+ system based on the ISORROPIA Algorithms. Atmos. Environ. 37:2279-2294.

Stroud, C., P.A. Makar, D.V. Michelangeli, M. Mozurkewich, D.R. Hastie, A. Barbu and J. Humble. 2004. Simulating Organic Aerosol Formation during the Photo-oxidation of Toluene/NOx Mixtures: Comparing the Equilibrium and Kinetic Assumption. Environ. Sci. and Tech. 38:1471-1479.

Galarneau, E., P.A. Makar, M. Sassi and M.L. Diamond. 2007. Estimation of Atmospheric Emissions of Six Semivolatile Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in southern Canada and the USA by Use of an Emissions Processing System. Env. Sci and Tech. 41:4205-4213.

Kuhn, M., P.J.H. Builtjes, D. Poppe, D. Simpson, W.R. Stockwell, Y. Andersson-Skoeld, A. Baart, M. Das, F. Fiedler, O. Hov, F. Kirchner, P.A. Makar, J.B. Milford, M.G.M. Roemer, R. Ruhnke, A. Strand, B. Vogel and H. Vogel. 1998. Intercomparison of the Gas-Phase Chemistry in Several Chemistry and Transport Models. Atmosp. Environ. 32:693-709.

Research facility

4905 Dufferin Street
Toronto, ON M3H 5T4


Adjunct Professor, York University, Toronto