Paul Joe

Acting Research Manager & Research Scientist - Weather radar, Nowcasting, severe weather and spaceborne precipitation measurements
Environment and Climate Change Canada

Current research and/or projects

Contributes to Environment Canada’s mandate to ensure public safety and security through the development of weather radar technology, severe weather and nowcasting applications, in-situ and spaceborned precipitation measurements  and scientific understanding of the weather.

  • Development of weather radar, for severe weather and nowcasting applications
  • Global precipitation measurements from space, particularly, snowfall. Principal Investigator for SnowSatGlobal precipitation measurements from space, particularly, snowfall.  Principal Investigator for SnowSat and Polar Precipitation Mission.  Science team member and Algorithm Review Panel Chair of the Global Precipitation Missions
  • Science lead for support of weather forecasting and winter nowcasting for Pan-American Games Toronto 2015.
  • Nowcasting systems for summer and winter severe weather. 
  • Chair of the Working Group on Nowcasting Research of the World Meteorological Organization.   Responsible for advancing the science of nowcasting including developing weather research projects for Sochi and Rio Olympic Games.

Professional activities / interests

Member of the following WMO committees:  (i) World Weather Research Program/Nowcasting Working Group (chair) (ii) Commission for Instruments for Meteorology and Observations - Expert Team on Upper Air and Remote Sensing Technology, (iii) Public Weather Service / Joint Nowcasting Application Systems (JONAS)Co-chair of the World Meteorological Organization Symposium on Nowcasting 2009

Chair of the Algorithm Review Panel of NASA's Global Precipitation Mission.

Principal Investigator for the Radar Quality and Quantitative Precipitation Estimation (RQQI) project. A World Meteorological Organization Commission on Instruments, Methods and Observations Expert Team for Upper Air and Remote Sensing Technologies.

Co-chair of the Canadian Solid Precipitation Inter-Comparison Experiment (C-SPICE). A sub-component of the World Meteorological Organization's international SPICE project.

Education and awards

Public Service Award for Excellence/Innovation Category for 2008

Environment Canada, Citation of Excellence/Science and Technology 2008

Meteorological Service of Canada, Instant Award – Whistler Radar Team for Vancouver Olympic Games (2009) and Science Team for Vancouver Olympic Games (2010)

B.App.Sci and Eng., Engineering Science (Geophysics), University of Toronto

M.Sc. and Ph.D., Cloud Physics, University of Toronto

Key publications

Paul Joe, Sandy Dance, Valliappa Lakshmanan, Dirk Heizenrehder, Paul James, Peter Lang, homas Hengstebeck, Yerong Feng, P.W. Li, Hon-Yin Yeung, Osamu Suzuki, Keiji Doi, Jianhua Dai, Automated processing of doppler radar data processing for severe weather forecasting, inTech on-line publication, Doppler Radar Observations - Weather Radar, Wind Profiler, Ionospheric Radar, and Other Advanced Applications, ISBN 978-953-51-0496-4, edited by Joan Bech and Jorge Luis Chau

Paul Joe, Chris Doyle, Al Wallace, Stewart G. Cober, Bill Scott, George A. Isaac, Trevor Smith, Jocelyn Mailhot, Brad Snyder, Stephane Belair, Quinton Jansen, Bertrand Denis, 2010 : « Weather Services, Science Advances, and the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games », Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 91 : 31-36.

Keenan, T., P. Joe, J. Wilson et al. 2003. The Sydney 2000 World Weather Research Programme forecast Demonstration Project, Overview and Current Status. BAMS. 1041-1054.

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Joe, P., Marie Falla, Paul Van Rijn, Lambros Stamadianos, Trevor Falla, Dan Magosse, Lavinia Ing et James Dobson, 2003 : Radar Data Processing for Severe Weather in the National Radar Project of Canada, 21e conf. SELS, San Antonio, Texas, AMS, 221-224.

Joe, P., Don Burgess, Rod Potts, Tom Keenan, Greg Stumpf et Andrew Treloar, 2004 : « The S2K Severe Weather Detection Algorithms and Their Performance », Weather and Forecasting, vol. 19, no 1, p. 43-63.

Joe, P. and P. Smith. 2001. A Summary of the AMS Radar Calibration Workshop, 30th AMS Radar Conference, Munich, Germany.

Sheppard, B.E. and P. Joe. 2008. Validation of accumulated precipitation amount measurements by the Precipitation Occurrence Sensor System (POSS). J. Tech.


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