Paul B. Jiapizian

Chief - Science and Technology Program Management

Current research and/or projects

Providing tools to environmental decision-makers to support risk management; advising the Government on environmental impact of projects and programs; working on programs to reduce, manage and prevent pollution of Canada's air, water, soil and climate Q

  • Coordination and management of Pesticide Science Program
  • Coordination and management of Program of Energy Research and Development (PERD) within EC
  • Coordination and management of Strategic Applications of Genomics in the Environment (STAGE) Program
  • Provide science and technology advice on Nanotechnology file
  • Provides strategic approaches, scientific expertise, knowledge and advice to influence Government of Canada technology initiatives, guided by EC regulatory priorities; provides secretary / oversight functions for these technology initiatives

Professional activities / interests

Chair of Pesticide Sub-Committee for Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment

Liaison for Environment Canada on pesticides with PMRA (PSF) and on environmental technologies with NRCan (PERD and eco ETI)

Lead of the Pesticide Theme of the National Agri-Environmental Standards Initiative (NAESI) – the goal of the Pesticide Theme is to develop environmental standards for pesticides

Education and awards

Citation Of Excellence

Graduate Degree in Ecotoxicology, Concordia University

B.Sc. Molecular Biology, Concordia University

Key publications

Contributing Author to CCME's From Source to Tap: Guidance on the Multi-Barrier Approach to Safe Drinking Water

Contributing Author to CCME's Environmental Risk Based Approaches for Managing Municipal Waste Water Effluent

In press. Environmental Performance Standards for Pesticide in Canada. National Agri-Environmental Standards Initiative Synthesis Report (2). Environment Canada.


Member of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC)

Member of the American Water Works Association