Patrick Lambert

Manager - Field Work and Response Section, Emergencies Science and Technology Division

Current research and/or projects

Contributes to Environment Canada's mandate to mitigate risk, conducts research & development to deliver scientific and operational knowledge, practices and technologies to enhance environmental emergency preparedness and response in Canada

  • Research related to the fate, behaviour and impact of hazardous materials in the environment
  • On-site and laboratory sampling and analysis of hazardous materials for environmental spills
  • Studies related to counter-terrorism, namely the assessment, detection and mitigation of environmental impacts
  • Research on health and safety related material for emergency responders

Professional activities / interests

Scientific research and expertise related to the prevention, preparedness, response and recovery to environmental emergencies and counter-terrorism

Developing and operating on-site sampling and analysis of spilled hazardous materials from environmental emergencies and terrorist events

Performing laboratory analysis and researching properties of hazardous materials

Researching and conducing environmental assessment and remediation

Education and awards

Environment Canada Citation of Excellence

Certificates of Appreciation and Recognition: NOBE oil spill project August 1993; Contaminated Site project 1995; Ice Storm incident 1998; Y2K incident 2000; CRTI exercise Nov. 2005; Wabamun Lake oil spill August 2005; City of Ottawa 2006; Kinder Morgan oil spill July 2007

Key publications

Lambert, P., M. Goldthorp, K. Li, M. Fingas and K. Volckek. 2007. Health and Safety Concerns while Restoring a Chemically Contaminated Structure, p. 851-882. In Proceedings of the Thirtieth Arctic Marine Oilspill Program Technical Seminar. Environment Canada, Ottawa.

Lambert, P., M. Goldthorp, B. Fieldhouse, Z. Wang , M. Fingas, L. Pearson and E. Collazzi. 2003. Field fluorometers as dispersed oil-in-water monitors. Journal of Hazardous Materials 102: 57-80.

Lambert, P., M. Fingas and M. Goldthorp. 2001. An evaluation of field petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) systems. Journal of Hazardous Materials 83: 65-81.

Lambert, P. and M. Fingas. 2000. Air Emissions Monitored at a Polyvinyl Chloride Plastics Fire, p. 125-142. In Proceedings of the Seventeenth Technical Seminar on Chemical Spills. Environment Canada, Ottawa.

Lambert, P., B. Fieldhouse, M. Fingas and M. Goldthorp. 1999. Monitoring Oil Concentration in the Field, p. 1170-1173. In Proceedings of the 1999 International Oil Spill Conference. American Petroleum Institute, Washington D.C.

Lambert, P. and M. Bobra. 1992. Development of a Field-Portable Oil Analytical Kit. Environment Canada Report No. EE-134, 94 p.

Research facility

335 River Road
Ottawa, ON K1V 1C7


Member: Association of the Chemical Profession of Ontario, American Chemical Society and Chemical Institute of Canada

CRTI (CBRN {Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear} Research and Technology Initiative) Chemical Cluster

City of Ottawa CBRN Working Group