Oscar Molina, Ph.D.

Image Oscar Molina
Research Scientist - Cropping Systems

Integrated Crop Production Systems Agronomist.  

Current research and/or projects

I am leading and collaborating in multiple research projects involving environmentally sound production and best practices of field crops; crop rotations, and soil and water management; mitigation impact of climate change and new agronomic practices on crops; adoption of alternative crops and production systems; development of new cereal cultivars.


  • Options for carbon input into high disturbance cropping systems
  • Innovative techniques for screening, propagation and utilization of wild berry crops.
  • Understanding how soil health affects soybean yield and protein and how those effects vary by factors the grower can and cannot control.
  • Lingonberry from the Prairies: Enhancing the sustainable development of lingonberry with health benefits.
  • Establishment of a Living Laboratory on the Eastern Prairies to address persistent agrienvironmen​tal challenges
  • Integrating proteomics and predicted functional genomics approaches to advance development of germplasm with controlled seed dormancy for improved postharvest properties in wheat.
  • Potato Early Dying management.
  • ASC05 Diverse FC Cluster, cadmium in flax seed - Assessing genotypic diversity
  •  ASC05 Diverse FC Cluster, environmental impact and Genomics and molecular markers to identify resistance genes in flax, and Development of flax cultivars for western Canada
  • ASC08 Wheat Cluster Activity - Development of Field-Ready Cultivars of Canada Western Soft White Spring (CWSWS) Wheat;  CWRS Western Prairies for drought and heat stress; breeding field ready Canada Western Red Spring cultivars for the Eastern Prairies.
  • ASC11 Barley Cluster. Breeding malting and food barley cultivars for western Canada.

Research and/or project statements

  • Development of best agronomic practices to contribute to cropping system sustainability.
  • Disease management practices in field crops.
  • Characterization of agronomic, and morphological traits of elite triticale, wheat, barley, oat, and flax germplasm.
  • Adoption of alternative crops.

Professional activities / interests

  • Agronomy
  • Soil science
  • Disease management

Education and awards


Ph. D. Soil Science, University of Manitoba

M.Sc. Soil Science, University of Manitoba

B.Sc. Agronomy, University of Caldas (Colombia)


  • Canadian Phytopathological Society, Manitoba Regional Meeting - Best oral presentation (Second place). 2014. December 4. Morden, Manitoba
  • The Canadian Phytopathological Society - Travel award. August 9-13. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Manitoba Soil Science Society Meetings Best Oral Presentation (First place). 2009. February 5. Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • Graduate Student Award. Western Potato Council's Graduate Student Award for conducting research that positively contributes to the potato production.  2009. January 29.  Brandon, Manitoba.
  • Manitoba Graduate Scholarship (MGS) for Master’s Students. University of Manitoba. 2008.
  • International Graduate Student Entrance Scholarship (IGSES) at The University of Manitoba. 2007.
  • Meritorious Mention (Qualification given to a thesis) for the thesis: “Effect of residual fertilizer and organic manure application on mycorrhizal association of maize-bean rotation in P-fixing volcanic ash soils in Colombia”
  • Scholarship for good academic GPA. National University of Colombia. 2003.

Research facility

Route 100, Unit 100-101
Morden, MB R6M 1Y5


  • Member of the Canadian Society of Agronomy
  • Member of  AAFC Roadmap Working Group
  • Member of the Prairie Grain Development Committee: Wheat, Rye & Triticale Recommending Committee (PRCWRT)
  • Member of the Manitoba Soil Fertility Advisory Committee



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