Nicole M. Rayner

Geochronology Specialist

Current research and/or projects

Nicole is now involved in technique development for the SHRIMP laboratory as well as field-based applications of U-Pb geochronology.  Her current projects include the use of geochronology to unravel the tectonic evolution of ancient orogenic belts, specifically the Trans-Hudson Orogen.

Professional activities / interests

Her research interests include mineral-scale processes that affect geochronological systematics.  The analytical work for her thesis, entitled “Microprobe studies of alteration, discordance and metamictization of late Archean zircons from the Acasta Gneiss Complex, Canada” was carried out using the Geological Survey of Canada's SHRIMP II.

Education and awards

Nicole obtained her M.Sc. at Carleton University in 2000.