Nick Ackerley

Image Nick Ackerley
Seismic Analyst
  • Locate seismic events and maintain national earthquake database for Canada
  • Provide authoritative information on earthquakes in Canada
  • Develop improved tools and methodologies for characterising earthquakes

Current research and/or projects

Seismic event detection and characterization.

Subtle seismograph instrumentation effects.

Generation of deformation time series over volcanoes using InSAR.

Education and awards

B.A.Sc. Electrical Engineering, Physics Minor, University of Waterloo

M.Sc. Engineering Seismology, Université Joseph Fourier / Istituto Universitario di Studi Superiori di Pavia

Key publications

Rao, A., Dutta, D., Kalita, P., Ackerley, N., Silva, V., Raghunandan, M., . . . Dasgupta, K. (2020). Probabilistic seismic risk assessment of India. Earthquake Spectra, 36(1), 345-371. doi:10.1177/8755293020957374

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Ackerley, N., Kolaj, M., Peci, V., & Adams, J. (2019). Recent advances in long-term seismic monitoring and hazard assessment in northern Ontario. Proceedings of the 4th Canadian Conference on Nuclear Waste Management, Decommissioning and Environmental Restoration (p. 12). Ottawa: Canadian Nuclear Society.

Bent, A., Kolaj, M., Ackerley, N., Adams, J., & Halchuk, S. (2018). The 2017 Barrow Strait, Arctic Canada, Earthquake Sequence and Contemporaneous Regional Seismicity. Seism. Res. Lett., 89(5), 1977-1988. doi:10.1785/0220180100

Brenguier, F., Kowalski, P., Ackerley, N., Nakata, N., Boué, P., Campillo, M., . . . Roux, P. (2016). Toward 4D noise-based seismic probing of volcanoes: Perspectives from a large-N experiment on Piton de la Fournaise Volcano. Seism. Res. Lett, 87(1), 15-25. doi:10.1785/0220150173

Ackerley, N. (2015). Principles of broadband seismometry. In E. Patelli, I. A. Kougioumtzoglou, S.-K. Au, & M. Beer, Encyclopedia of Earthquake Engineering (p. 35). Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer. doi:10.1007/978-3-642-35344-4_172

Ackerley, N., Setterfield, T., and Hayman, M. (2013). Capacitive displacement transducer for a weak-motion inertial sensor. US Patent 8,544,325

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Ackerley, N. and Bainbridge, G. (2009). Inertial sensor having a flexing element supporting a movable mass. US Patent 7,594,438