Newell Hedstrom

Process Hydrologist - Perform short and long term physically-based investigations of hydrological processes, water balance, energy balance and impacts of land use change and climate variability on water resources

Current research and/or projects

Experimental research designed to investigate various components of the Hydrologic Cycle

  • Investigate integrated boundary layer activity above lakes and other water bodies to better model lake evaporation and advection processes
  • Hydrological modelling of priority ecosystems (prairie, boreal forest, mountain, tundra) by developing algorithms and preparing GIS and remote-sensing imaged representations of model results
  • Monitoring hydrological processes and connectivity in a subarctic Canadian Shield catchment

Professional activities / interests

Experimental design, planning, management and set up of field instrumentation deployed to investigate hydrological interests and other integrated environmental scientific studies.

Experience in the operation of hydrological models to address science program needs.

Experience with various methods of data analysis and interpretation for the purpose of writing scientific papers and/or reports, including the presentation of results.

Provide advice, recommendations and consultative services to other governmental and non-governmental agencies on hydrology programs and other environmental issues.

Education and awards

B.Sc. Land Use and Environmental Studies, University of Saskatchewan, 1989

M.Sc. Agricultural and Bioresource Engineering - Division of Hydrology, University of Saskatchewan, 1998

Citation of Excellence - Prince Albert Model Forest, 1998

Weisnet Medal - Eastern Snow Conference, 1997

D.M. Gray Medal - Canadian Geophysical Union, 1997

Key publications

Granger R. J. and N.R. Hedstrom. 2009. Measuring and Modelling Evaporation from Crean Lake, PANP: Report on the 2006, 2007 and 2008 field seasons. Report prepared for Parks Canada (Prince Albert National Park). 17pp.

Janowicz, J.R., N.R. Hedstrom and R.J. Granger. 2008. Investigation of Anvil Range Mining Corporation (Faro) Waste Dump Water Balance: Vangorda Trial Covers Water Balance. Prepared for SRK Consulting Inc. on behalf of Deloitte & Touche Inc. Interim Receiver of Anvil Range Mining Corporation and Faro Mine Closure Planning Office.

Pomeroy, J.W., D.M. Gray, T. Brown, N.R. Hedstrom, W. Quinton, R.J. Granger, S. Carey. 2007. The Cold Regions Hydrological Model: a Platform for Basing Process Representation and Model Structure on Physical Evidence. CGU-HS Special Issue of Hydrological Processes. 21: 0-0.

Hedstrom, N.R., R.J. Granger, D.K. Bayne and R. Janowicz. 2002. Wolf Creek Data Index Report. Technical Report NHRI Contribution Series No. AEI-TN-02-001.

Hedstrom, N.R., R.J. Granger, J.W. Pomeroy, D.M. Gray, T. Brown and J.L. Little. 2001. Enhanced indicators of land use change and climate variability impacts on prairie hydrology using the Cold Regions Hydrological Model. In: Proceedings of the 2001 Annual Meeting Eastern Snow Conference (Joint meeting with CGU Hydrology), Ottawa, Ontario.

Hedstrom, N.R. and J.W. Pomeroy. 1998. Measurements and modelling of snow interception in the boreal forest. Hydrological Processes. 12(10-11): 1611-1625.

Research facility

11 Innovation Blvd.
Saskatoon, SK S7N 3H5