Mr. Martin Kegel P. Eng - Ontario

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Team Leader

As a team leader I manage several projects related to the simulation and demonstration of energy efficient technologies for the North. In collaboration with the Department of National Defence and the Defence Research and Development of Canada we aim to assess and trial new technologies to make the Defence more operationally effective. Projects range demonstrating alternative power and energy solutions for remote surveillance sites to providing tools and identifying strategies for improved deployed camp energy management. As part of the defence activities there is a strong collaboration with several NATO countries to identification common approaches to improve the operational effectiveness of our forces. In addition, I manage several research and development projects in understanding and increasing the adoption of heat pumps in the Canadian residential and commercial/institutional sector. The work cannot be done without a strong team and as such I also have the privilege of managing nine motivated and passionate engineers.

Current research and/or projects

Deployed Camp Energy Management Program (collaboration with DND Canadian Joint Operations Command and DRDC)

Advanced Microgrids Towards Zero Arctic Emissions (collaboration with DRDC)

Alternative power and energy solutions for remote surveillance sites (collaboration with DRDC)

Naval Energy Data and Electrification (collaboration with DRDC)

Ground Source Heat Pumps in the North (collaboration with DND)

Increasing the adoption of heat pumps in the Canadian Built Environment (Funded through OERD)

Research and/or project statements

Under the Deployed Camp Energy Management program we aim to improve the energy efficiency of the deployed camps. Used for disaster relief, peacekeeping, energy efficiency can lead to significant reductions in fuel, avoiding transportation through sensitive areas and allocated personnel to other activities versus convoy protection enabling to complete the mission faster. To achieve these savings, we have established a rapidly deployable metering/monitoring solution in order for the defence to better understand their power and energy requirements. With monitored data we are able to develop simulation tools to help the defence identify suitable technologies to reduce fuel dependency in a certain region and then demonstrating those technologies to validate their energy saving potential.

The approach taken has led to a larger NATO project, where efforts are being harmonized to share data and allow the alliance to work together more effectively.

Professional activities / interests

Deployed Camp Energy Management

Alternative power and energy solutions for remote sites

Performance testing of cold climate air source heat pumps

Education and awards

BASc in Mechanical Engineering, University of Waterloo

MASc in Mechanical Engineering, University of Waterloo specializing in heat transfer and thermodynamics

International experience and/or work

International Projects include :

NATO Science for Peace and Security on Deployed Camp Energy Efficiency

NATO Operational Energy Concept Writing Team