Monique de Jong

Environmental Monitoring Scientist - Water Quality Monitoring

Current research and/or projects

Conducting water quality monitoring in British Columbia and Yukon Territory as part of the Federal Water Quality Monitoring Program

  • Monitoring and reporting of water quality status and trends in British Columbia and Yukon Territory to address federal mandates and concerns
  • Ensure that water quality monitoring is conducted in a safe and quality-assured manner in order to provide high quality data for status and trend reporting
  • Collaborating with partners and other regions for national reporting purposes

Education and awards

B.Sc. Zoology, University of Toronto, 2001

Key publications

Fluegel, M, S. Sylvestre, T. Tuominen, M. Sekela, and G. Moyle. 2004. The effects of non-point source pollution on small urban and agricultural streams - Data Report. Environment Canada, Vancouver, BC. EC/GB/04/77.

Sylvestre, S., M. Fluegel, and T. Tuominen 2005. Benthic Invertebrate Assessment of Streams in the Georgia Basin using the Reference Condition Approach: Expansion of the Fraser River Invertebrate Monitoring Program 1998-2002. Environment Canada, Vancouver BC. EC/GB/04/81 194 p.

Research facility

401 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 3S5