Monika A. Gorzelak

Research Scientist

Areas of Expertise

Mycorrhizal ecology

Bacterial and fungal soil communities


Current Projects

Rhizosphere health through mycorrhizas: examining soil health impacts of mycorrhizal nutrients uptake and movement through the soil matrix to benefit crops

Anthropogenic soil change: looking at the microbiome of historical plots and archived soils

Bacteria in pesticide degradation: discovering bacteria that break down challenging pesticides

Veterinary drugs in soils: determining the impacts of residual veterinary drugs in manure and their impacts of fungal communities in native pastures

Perennials and arbuscular mycorrhizas: examining the impacts of perennial vs annual crops on mycorrhizal communities

Intercropping: examining the impacts of intercropping practices on mycorrhizal communities




Adjunct Professor, University of Alberta, Renewable Resources