Mireille Marcotte, Ph.D.

Image Mireille Marcotte
National Manager, Plant Health Surveillance Unit

I am the National Manager of the Plant Heath Surveillance Unit.  My team:

  • Plans, coordinates, and administers the national survey program
  • Designs new surveys and refines survey techniques and tools
  • Provides training, technical support, and surveillance tools for program and operational staff
  • Liaise with other departments, industry and external parties
  • Maintains the national repository of survey data
  • Develops national survey protocols, inspection guides, survey calendar and information sheets

Current research and/or projects

As the National Manager of the Plant Health Surveillance Unit, I am responsible for national surveillance activities related to invasive alien species in Canada, including the development and implementation of new survey techniques and tools.

Research and/or project statements

  • Planning, coordination and administration of the national phytosanitary survey program.
  • Design of new surveys and refinement of survey techniques and tools (including mobile applications, unmanned aerial vehicles, etc.).
  • Developing partnerships with other government departments, industry and external stakeholders to maximize the monitoring effort for invasive alien species in Canada.
  • Development and distribution of outreach tools, participation in public awareness activities on invasive alien species issues.
  • Development of a Phytosanitary Surveillance Network in Canada

Professional activities / interests

  • Public awareness activities and partners on phytosanitary issues (including the development of outreach products)
  • Establishment of partnerships with other federal departments, provinces, municipalities and various non-governmental organizations.
  • Promotion of CFIA's activities to raise awareness of its plant protection mandate
  • Leadership in people management

Education and awards

President's National Award-Leadership in People Management Award, 2018

President's National Award - Dr. Brian Evans Award for Partnership and Teamwork - BioSurveillance of Invasive Alien Species (bioSAFE), 2017

Science Branch Award, Official Languages category, for promoting the use of official languages in the workplace, 2016

Science Branch Award, Innovation category, for promoting the use of social media to advance the CFIA's Plant Protection Mandate, 2016

Ph.D. in Biology (Entomology), Laval University, 2005

BSc in Biology, University of Ottawa, 1999

Key publications

Marcotte, M. and Dawson, M.  2008.  Report on Wood Packaging Inspection at Marine Ports.  In: Proceedings of the Forest Pest Management 2007 pp 175-179. 

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