Michel Tardif P.Eng

Research engineer

My role is to analyze and evaluate the performance of certain technologies that reduce the energy consumption of commercial buildings.


Current research and/or projects

Radiant floor combined with displacement ventilation

Pre-design tool for earth tubes

Strategies to reduce heating load from incoming freah air

Key publications

Tardif M;Brideau S:''Radiant Heating and Cooling Systems Combined with Displacment Ventilation in Schools; Strategies to Improve IAQ'' AIVC 2019

S.A. Brideau,M. Lubun, M. Tardif, "Early design tool for earth tubes in Canada", Roomvent & Ventilation, Espoo Finland, 2018     

Tardif M Garde F ''Monitoring and post-occupancy evaluation of Net ZEBs'' ;Solution Sets for Net Zero Energy Buildings Wiley Ernst &Sohn 2017 IEA Annex 52 task 40

Ouazia Boualem; Tardif michel; Birgitta Nordquist,Mike Lubun; booth daniel5 ''Energy performance of concrete earth tubes for the pre-heating and pre-cooling of supply air in cold climate'' IMS Conference 2014

Ouazia B,Macdonald I,Tardif M,Thompson A, Booth D '' Field Study Assessment of the Performance of Displacement Air Distributiuon in a Canadian School during the heating season International Journal of Ventilation Volume 11 No 1 June 2012







Research facility

1 Haanel Drive
Ottawa, ON K1A 1M1