Mehri Hadinezhad

Research Scientist

Dr. Hadinezhad is working in the areas of grain chemistry and quality to improve Canadian grains (wheat, oat, barley, soybean) with respect to processing for food applications, end-use quality, nutritional benefits and crop performance.

Current research and/or projects

Member of multidiciplinary team:

  1. Development of spring wheat varieties and germplasm for market competitiveness​ and improving end-use quality
  2. Building economic value in winter wheat through improved Hard Red and Soft White genetics for Eastern Canada
  3. Oat breeding, genomic, and agronomic research to improve oat yield and quality
  4. Targeted and Useful Genomics for Barley and Oat (Tugboat):research in oat and barley genomics for specific and usful traits
  5. Meeting the soybean protein meal standard in Western Canada
  6. Short season conventional soybean breeding

Responsible for:

  1. Evaluation of the quality of wheat grains registered in official tests for certification in Ontario
  2. Evaluation of the quality of wheat grains registered in official trials for approval in Quebec under the Reseau Grandes Cultures administered by CEROM
  3. Screening wheat genetic lines from C&M Seeds breeding program for dough strength/bread potential
  4. Evaluation of the quality of oat lines entered in official Quebec trials

Education and awards

Ph.D.    Biosystems Engineering, University College Dublin, Ireland

M. Sc.   Analytical Chemistry, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran

B. Sc.   Chemistry, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran

Key publications

Hadinezhad, M., and Miller, S. S. (2019). Response to infection by Fusarium graminearum in the rachis of a resistant and a susceptible wheat genotype. Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology

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