Max L. Bothwell

Research Scientist - Study leader, UV impacts on aquatic ecosystem function
Environment and Climate Change Canada

Current research and/or projects

Contributing to Environment Canada’s mandate to ensure wildlife is conserved and protected

  • Understanding the role of human activities in the spread of harmful river micro-organisms (didymo) - Helping to develop control procedures
  • Determining impacts of human activity and land use patterns on river biota
  • Climate change impacts on dissolved organic carbon loading to aquatic ecosystems in the arctic: Human impacts in the North mediated through ultra violet radiation
  • Role of solar ultraviolet radiation in the structure, function and biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems
  • Developing bioassays for UV radiation exposure of aquatic ecosystems in response to land use activities

Professional activities / interests

Organizer and Chairman of the International Workshop on Didymosphenia geminata, Montreal, QC. August 2007

Research grant and journal paper reviews and journal editorial board memberships

Thesis supervisor for 3 PhD and 5 MSc students via Adjunct Professorships with the Department of Biology University of Victoria, Forest Science University of British Columbia, Geography, Simon Fraser University and the Dept of Chemistry at Malaspina University College

Member of International Technical Advisory Group for didymo invasion in New Zealand

Education and awards

Provasoli Award, Phycological Society of America; Excellence in Phycology

Most Important Scientific Discoveries of 1994: Discover Magazine Editorial Board

Phi Beta Kappa graduate University of California-Santa Barbara

Key publications

Stevenson, R., M.L. Bothwell and R.L. Lowe. 1996. Algal Ecology: Freshwater Benthic Ecosystems. Academic Press, San Diego, CA.

Bothwell, M.L., D.M.J. Sherbot and C.M. Pollock. 1994. Ecosystem response to solar ultraviolet-B radiation: influence of trophic level interactions. Science. 265:97-100.

Bothwell, M. L., D. Karentz and E.J. Carpenter. 1995. No UVB effect? Nature. 374:601.

Bothwell, M.L. 1989. Phosphorus-limited growth dynamics of lotic periphytic diatom communities: aerial biomass and cellular growth rate responses. Can. J. Fish Aquat. Sci. 46:1293-1301.

Bothwell, M.L., D. Sherbot, A. Roberge and R.J. Daley. 1993. Influence on natural UV-radiation on lotic periphytic diatom community growth, biomass accrual and species composition: Short-term versus long-term effects. J. Phycol. 29:24-35.

Kelly, D.J., M.L. Bothwell and D.W. Schindler. 2003. Effects of solar ultraviolet radiation on stream benthic communities: An inter-site comparison. Ecology. 84:2724-2740.


Adjunct Professor, Department of Chemistry, Malaspina University College

Adjunct Professor, Department of Biology, University of Victoria