Matthew Graham, P.Geo

Image Matt Graham
Environmental Scientist

Lead water monitoring on the Great Lakes Connecting Channels

Current research and/or projects

Senior scientist leading connecting channels monitoring on the Great Lakes.

Education and awards

M.Sc. (Earth and Environmental Science specialization)

P.Geo. (Province of Ontario)

Key publications

Santiago, R, Kim, K., Graham, M., Joyner, R., and E. Hartman.  2022. Evaluation of Project Designs for Contaminated Sediment Management – User Guide. Environment and Climate Change Canada Guidance Document. Cat.No.:En14-481/2022E-PDF, ISBN 978-0-660-41186-6


Cheng He, Padala Chittababu and Matthew Graham.  2021.  Modelling Study of Dredging Induced Sediment

Plume Transport in Hamilton Harbour. Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering 48:848-858.


Johann Biberhofer, Matt Graham, Erin Hartman and Jacqueline Peters.  2019.  Assessment of sediment disturbance during application of a thin-layer cap in Peninsula Harbour, Canada.  Journal of Soil and Sediments, 19(2):1439-0108.


Matthew Graham, Erin Hartman, Rupert Joyner, Kay Kim, and Roger Santiago.  2017.  Environmental Monitoring to Guide and Assess the Effectiveness of Randle Reef Sediment Remediation on the Recovery of Hamilton Harbour.  Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management, 20(3):308-318


Danielle Milani, Lee Grapentine, Debbie A. Burniston, Matt Graham and Chris Marvin.  2017.  Trends in Sediment Quality in Hamilton Harbour, Lake Ontario.  Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Man., 20(3):295-307


Jill Coles, Matthew Graham and Brian Riggs.  2017. The Use of Sub-bottom Profiling in Refining Dredge Cuts for a Large Sediment Remediation Project.  Remediation 27(2) 27:38.


Blukacz-Richards, E.A., Visha, A, Graham, M.L., McGoldrick, D.L., deSolla, S.R., Moore, D.J., and G. Arhonditsis.  2017.  Mercury Levels in Herring Gulls and Fish: 42 years of Spatio-Temporal Trends in the Great Lakes.  Chemosphere 172 (2017) 476 – 487.


Watson-Leung, T. Graham, M., Hartman, E. and P. Welsh.  2016.  Using a modified dredging elutriate testing approach to evaluate potential aquatic impacts associated with dredging a large freshwater industrial Harbour

Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management.  13(1):155-166


Cheng He, Eric Scott, Matthew Graham and  Andrew Binns.  2014.  Measurement and Numerical Modeling Studies of the Maximum Bottom Shear Stress in Randle Reef Region. Can. J. of Civil Engineering. 41:828-838.


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Graham, Matthew, Hartman, Erin, Joyner, Rupert, and Santiago, Roger, 2012.  PAH-Contaminated Sediment Remediation: An Overview of a Proposed Large Scale Clean-up in a Freshwater Harbour.  Contaminated Sediments: Restoration of Aquatic Environment on May 23–25, 2012 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada; STP 1554, C. N. Mulligan, Guest Editor. pp. 1–23, doi: 10.1520/STP104354, ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA 2012.

Research facility

867 Lakeshore Rd.
Burlington, ON L7S 1A1


Professional Geoscientists Ontario (Licensed Geoscientist)