Mary E. Thiess

Image Melissa O'Hara
Research Biologist

Research in juvenile Pacific salmon in the marine environment

Current research and/or projects

 To provide analytic and field program support to fisheries research programs on Canada's Pacific coast.

Research and/or project statements

Salish Sea Marine Survival Program (collaboration with Pacific Salmon Foundation)

  • data management & analysis
  • field research coordination
  • project management

Southern BC Chinook Strategic Planning Initiative

  • technical working group coordination
  • data coordination & analysis

Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat - Pacific Region

  • Chair
  • Rapporteur

Professional activities / interests

- data management & analysis

- research program coordination

- field research

Education and awards

MMath, Statistics-Biostatistics, University of Waterloo, 2000

BSc, Mathematics (Statistics concentration), Simon Fraser University, 1998

Pacific Region Distinction Award, November 2014

Key publications

Trudel,  M.,  Thiess,  M.  E.,  Bucer,  C.,  Farley,  E.  V.  Jr.,  Macfarlane,  R.  B.,  Casillas,  E.,Fisher, J., Morris, J. T. F. & Murphy, J. M. (2007). Regional variation in the marine growth and energy accumulation of juvenile Chinook salmon and coho salmon along the  west  coast  of  North  America. American Fisheries Society Symposium Series 57, 205 – 232.

S. Tucker, M. E. Thiess, J. F. T. Morris, D. Mackas, W. T. Peterson, J. R. Candy, T. D. Beacham, E. M.Iwamoto, D. J. Teel, M. Peterson & M. Trudel (2015) Coastal Distribution and Consequent Factors Influencing Production of Endangered Snake River Sockeye Salmon, Transactions of the American Fisheries Society, 144:1, 107-123, DOI:10.1080/00028487.2014.968292

Tucker, S., M. Trudel, D.W. Welch, J.R. Candy, J.F.T. Morris, M.E. Thiess, C. Wallace, and T.D. Beacham. 2012. Annual coastal migration of juvenile Chinook salmon: Static stock-specific patterns in a highly dynamic ocean. Mar. Ec. Prog. Ser. 449:245-262.
DOI: 10.3354/meps09528

Tompkins, A., G. Brown, and M. Thiess. 2011. Temporal Patterns in Productivity of North American Sockeye and Chinook Salmon. NPAFC Doc. 1356. 4 pp. Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Available at

Thiess, M.E., C. Neville, and M. Trudel. 2016.  Canadian juvenile salmon surveys in 2016-2017.  NPAFC Doc. 1656. 15 pp. Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Science Branch, Pacific Region, Pacific Biological Station  (Available at