Martin Pilote Ph.D.

Current research and/or projects

My current research focus on the study of the fate of contaminants and anthropogenic stressors affecting freshwater ecosystems, and their interactions with the atmosphere and the biosphere. Specifically, to study the biogeochemical processes and the fate of carbon (C), mercury (Hg) and trace metals in various environmental medium between meridional, boreal and septentrional. In order to contribute to the protection and conservation of Canadian aquatic ecosystems under the Clean Air Regulatory Agenda (CARA) and the Climate Change and Air Pollution (CCAP) programs. More specificaly to ...

  • Study the impact of atmospheric Hg transport and deposition, and watershed on Hg trends in boreal lakes
  • Study the impact of thawing permafrost on C and Hg cycling in thaw lakes and Northern Regions

Professional activities / interests

Collaborating member - Centre for Northern Studies, Université Laval

Collaborating member - Terrestrial Muldisciplinary distributed Observatories for the Study of Arctic Connections (T-MOSAiC) / Land-Water Processes 

Peer-review journal reviewer

Education and awards

Ph.D. Earth and Environmental Sciences, Ottawa - Carleton Geoscience Centre, University of Ottawa

M.Sc. Environmental Sciences, Université du Québec à Montréal

B.Sc. Biological Sciences specialized in Ecology


Environment Canada's citation award - Chemical Management Plan

Environment Canada's citation award - Meteorological Service of Canada, Research on Atmospheric Toxic Processes

International experience and/or work

Instituto de Investigacao das Pescas e do Mar - IPIMAR, Lisbon, Portugal

Université de Grenoble, Laboratoire de Glaciologie, Grenoble, France 

University of Michigan - Ann Arbour, Michigan, USA 

University of Nevada - Reno, Nevada, USA

Key publications

  1. Gonzalez Moguel R. Douglas P. Bass A. Garnett M. Pilote M. Keenan B. Matveev A. 2020. Large variability in the radiocarbon content of greenhouse gases and dissolved and particulate carbon in thermokarst lakes from Northern Quebec. Submitted J Geophys Res-Biogeo.
  2. Folhas D. Canário J. Pilote M. Vincent WF. Freitas P. Vieira G. Silva AMS. Duarte AC. Duarte RMBO. 2020. Structural characterization of natural organic matter in thermokarst lakes recently formed in Eastern Canadian subarctic. Submitted Chemosphere.
  3. Defo MA. Gendron AD, Head J, Pilote M. Turcotte P. Marcogliese D. Houde M. 2019. Cumulative effects of cadmium and natural stressors (temperature and parasite infection) on molecular and biogeochemical responses of juvenile rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Aquat. Toxicol. 217: 105347.
  4. Giraudo M. Colson TLL. Pilote M. Gagnon C. Gagnon P. Houde. M. 2019. A major release of urban untreated wastewaters in the St. Lawrence River (Quebec, Canada) altered growth, reproduction, and redox status in experimentally exposed Daphnia magna. Ecotox 28(7): 843-851.
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