Martin Léger

Supervisor, Inorganic Chemistry
Environment and Climate Change Canada

Current research and/or projects

Provide professional advice/analytical services to various clients with respect to inorganic chemistry to assess ecosystems in support of regulatory programs conducted under environmental legislation and federal-provincial agreements.

  • Develop, adapt, modify and validate analytical methods and techniques and, draft and write analytical methods, work reports and standard operating procedures. Searches and browse through scientific article
  • Quantify inorganic contaminants and interpret analytical data using various statistical tools (control charting, regression analysis)
  • Approves results for the inorganic chemistry laboratory before sending results to clients.
  • Provide analytical support to Water Quality Monitoring Group
  • Provide analytical support to Enforcement Division of Environment Canada: Conservation & Protection and Wildlife

Professional activities / interests

Since 2001 supervises the inorganic chemistry laboratory which comprises 5 employees. Prior to that, was working in the organic chemistry section

For the past six years, a significant amount of my time was dedicated to the replacement of our aging laboratory equipment

Responsible for trace metal analysis by ICP-MS for a variety of matrices

Education and awards

B.Sc. Chemistry (Honours), Université de Moncton

Over the years, received various forms of government training and training from instrument manufacturers and suppliers such as seminars, workshops, conferences, web seminars, and also, union sponsored training

In December of 2007, received instant award for work on lead shot analysis

Key publications

Brun, G.L., O.C. Vaidya, M.G. Léger. 2004. Atmospheric Deposition of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons to Atlantic Canada: Geographic and Temporal Distributions and Trends 1980-2001. Environmental Science & Technology 38:1941-1948.

White, L.M., W.R. Ernst, G. Julien, C. Garron and M. Léger. 2006. Ambient air concentrations of pesticides used in potato cultivation in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Pest Management Science. 62:126-136.