Mark Hipfner

Image Mark Hipfner
Research Scientist - Marine birds

Current research and/or projects

Research on seabird ecology of importance to conservation efforts along Canada's Pacific coast

  • Demography and population dynamics of seabirds in Canada’s Pacific Ocean
  • Structure and function of marine food webs leading to seabirds, and the effects of anthropogenic stressors
  • Year-round habitat requirements for seabirds in British Columbia. with implications for Environmental Assessments, Emergency Response, and the creation of Marine Protected Areas

Professional activities / interests

Staff member, Centre for Wildlife Ecology

Co-supervisor (currently) for 1 PhD candidate and 2 MSc candidate (at Simon Fraser University)

Education and awards

Ph.D. Biopsychology, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2000

M.Sc. Biology, University of Ottawa, 1996

B.Sc. (Hons.) Wildlife Biology, University of Guelph, 1986

Key publications

Hipfner, J.M., Galbraith, M., Bertram, D.F., and Green, D.J. 2020. Basin-scale oceanographic processes, zooplankton community structure, and diet and reproduction of a sentinel North Pacific seabird over a 22-year period. Progress in Oceanography 182, Article 102290.

Hipfner, J.M., Prill, M.M., Studholme, K.R., Domalik, A.D., Tucker, S., Jardine, C., Maftei, M., Wright, K.G., Beck, J.N., Bradley, R.W., Carle, R.D., Good, T.P., Hatch, S.A., Hodum, P., Ito, M., Pearson, S.F., Rojek, N., Slater, L., Watanuki, Y., Bindoff, A., Crossin, G.T., Drever, M.C., and Burg, T.M. 2020. Geolocator tagging links distributions outside the breeding season to population genetic structure in a sentinel North Pacific seabird. PLoS ONE 15(11), e0240056.

Hipfner, J.M., Galbraith, M., Tucker, S., Studholme, K.R., Domalik, A.D., Pearson, S.F., Good, T.P., Ross, P.S., and Hodum, P. 2018. Two forage fishes as potential conduits for the vertical transfer of microfibres in Northeastern Pacific Ocean food webs. Environmental Pollution 239, 215-222.

Tucker, S., Hipfner, J.M., and Trudel, M. Size- and condition-dependent predation: a seabird disproportionately targets substandard juvenile salmon. Ecology 97, 461-471.


Adjunct Professor, Simon Fraser University

Adjunct Professor, Dalhousie University