Marie-Claude Gentès, Ph.D.

Image Marie-Claude Gentès
Research scientist

Dairy microbiology and technology

Current research and/or projects

Dr Gentès’ research aims to study dairy technology and processing in order to produce nutritious and high quality fermented food in a more sustainable way. Dr Gentès is also interested in the microbiology of milk and its impact on milk quality,  cheese-making properties and other fermented dairy products like yogurt at both laboratory and pilot plant scales.  

Research and/or project statements

  • Influence of seasonal variations, microorganisms and membrane concentration on milk quality and cheese-making properties of milk;
  • Impact of emerging technology on milk quality, cheese-making properties of milk and reducing food waste;
  • Upcycling excess milk compounds by bioconversion
  • Application of innovative concepts and technologies in pilot plants simulating industrial conditions

Professional activities / interests

Member of the STELA centre, Université Laval, Quebec

Education and awards

Doctor of Philosophy - Food science and technology. 2011 | Université Laval, Quebec, Canada 

Key publications

  1. Gentès, M.-C., Caron, A., Champagne, C.P. (2022). Potential applications of pulsed electric field in cheesemaking. International Journal of Dairy Technology,

    2022 - View publication details