Maria Surry

Program Head, Groundfish Data Unit

Current research and/or projects

I work for Dr. Jackie King, and conduct field, lab, and data-processing activities in support of research relating to stock assessment of various groundfish species. Over the last number of years my work has been focused largely on Strait of Georgia lingcod, but I also work on dogfish, hake, sharks, and skates. I am currently involved in a project looking at the biology and stock identity of Pacific hake in Queen Charlotte Sound and related local waters, and in 2008 I will be participating in a multi-species trawl survey off La Perouse bank, as well as conducting a longline survey for dogfish in the Strait of Georgia. In addition, I am the main contact person for basking shark sightings in British Columbia. In whatever spare time I can find I am also the webmaster for the Groundfish Section webpage.

Research and/or project statements