Lutgarde (Lou) Van-Eeckhaute

Senior Assessment Biologist

Current research and/or projects

  • provides an annual assessment of the status of the eastern Georges Bank haddock stock;
  • interacts regulary with the fishing industry to inform them of stock status and other issues of importance to the fishing industry;
  • extensive work on developing a method of determining discarding rates of cod by the Georges Bank groundfishery;
  • calculation of groundfish discards in the scallop fishing industry for inclusion in various stock assessments;
  • database manager of the USA surveys and landings database, acting as a liason between DFO clients and USA database managers;
  • played an important role in modernizing a divisional analysis package for stratified survey data and is responsible for resolving any issues with this utility and implementing any improvements; and regularly acts as Chief Scientist on the annual Georges Bank groundfish survey.

Research and/or project statements

Lou Van Eeckhaute has been the lead researcher for the important transboundary (Canada/USA) haddock stock on eastern Georges Bank (unit areas 5Zjm) since 2003 and recently took on the role of the Age and Growth Program coordinator. Previous to assuming the lead role, she had played an integral part in the analysis, preparation and presentation of the 5Zjm haddock assessment since 1990. She has extensive experience in stock assessment analysis techniques including the extraction and analysis of fisheries data from many databases.

Education and awards

  • B.Sc.Honors Fisheries and Wildlife Biology (University of Guelph)

Key publications

  • Gavaris, S. and L. Van Eeckhaute. 1998. Diagnosing systematic errors in reported fishery catch. In: Fishery Stock Assessment Models, edited by F. Funk, T.J. Quinn II, J. Heifetz, J.N. Ianelli, J.E. Powers, J.F. Schweigert, P.J. Sullivan, and C.-I. Zhang,  Alaska Sea Grant College Program Report No. AK-SG-98-01, University of Alaska Fairbanks, 1998.
  • Van Eeckhaute, L and J. Brodziak. 2005. Assessment of eastern Georges Bank haddock. TRAC Ref. Doc. 2005/03, 73 p.
  • Van Eeckhaute, L., S. Gavaris and H. Stone. 2005. Estimation of cod, haddock and yellowtail flounder discards from the Canadian Georges Bank scallop fishery from 1960 to 2004. TRAC Ref. Doc. 2005/07, 18.
  • Van Eeckhaute, L., S. Gavaris and E.A. Trippel. 1999. Movements of haddock, Melanogrammus aeglefinus, on eastern Georges Bank determined from a population model incorporating temporal and spatial detail. Fish. Bull. 97:661-679.
  • Van Eeckhaute, L. and S. Gavaris. 2004. Determination of discards of Georges Bank cod from species composition comparison. TRAC Ref. Doc. 2004/04, 27 p.
  • Van Eeckhaute, L. and M.I. Buzeta. 1994. Georges Bank cod and haddock ageing exchange and workshop November 8-10, 1993. DFO Res. Doc. 94/84. 20 p.

Research facility

125 Marine Science Drive
St. Andrews, NB E5B 0E4


  • Various biologist and technical positions (1979 - 1988, DFO or consulting firm)
  • Fish Inspection/Technical Officer (1989 – 1990, DFO)
  • Assessment Biologist (1990 - 2003, DFO)