Lubos Spacek

Physicist - Atmospheric Numerical Prediction
Environment and Climate Change Canada

Current research and/or projects

Research in numerical weather prediction

  • Librarian, physics library: maintaining of fortran subroutines for parameterization of physical processes in the atmosphere including: radiation, condensation, convection, vertical diffusion, surface processes, and linearized parameterization for four dimensional data assimilation
  • Developing an ensemble prediction system based on the kinetic energy backscatter where a fraction of dissipated kinetic energy combined with special stochastic fields serves to perturb the individial ensemble members
  • Adjusting the model GEM for use in Kalman filtering, also, adjusting the Filter to new hardware possibilities

Education and awards

Ph.D. (Numerical Prediction), Charles University, Prague (1989)

M.Sc. (Numerical Meteorology), Charles University, Prague (1976)

B.Sc. (Physics), Charles University, Prague (1973)

Key publications

Li, X., M. Charron, L. Spacek and G. Candille. 2007. A regional ensemble prediction system based on moist targeted singular vectors ans stochastic parameter perturbations. Monthly Weather Review. (In press).

Houtekamer, P.L., H.L. Mitchell, G. Pellerin, M. Buehner, M. Charron, L. Spacek and B. Hansen. 2005. Atmospheric data assimilation with an ensemble Kalman filter: results with real observations. Monthly Weather Review. 133: 604-620.