Louise Corriveau

Research Geoscientist

Research in Precambrian and Economic Geology

Current research and/or projects

Field of expertise:

Geoscientific studies in the Canadian Shield supporting the sustainable development of Canada (volcano-plutonic terrains with low to high metamorphism and potentially metalliferous).

Your field of study:

I combine my expertise in field geology, petrology, metallogeny geochemistry and geochronology, with the expertise from my collaborators to characterize the contexts and the processes that formed the terrains where I am attempting to highlight the mineral potential. I develop analytical field protocols to search for unconventional mineral deposits, including those metamorphosed at high grade and non to highly metamorphosed iron oxide alkali-altered deposits with copper, gold, silver, rare earths and uranium. Then I apply these protocols to the Canadian Shield, in the Grenville and Bear provinces for example. I am also interested in magma emplacement for their potential to carry diamonds, magmatic sulfurs, heat or fluids or as tectonic tracers.

What is the significance of your research?

The results of my research provide the regional to detailed geological contexts required for mining exploration and land-use planning decision-making and for the sustainable development of natural resources. My work provides a better understanding of the distribution of potential mineral and energy resources.  It allows the industry to increase the efficiency of its exploration strategies and maximize economic investments. The deposit types that I study are significantly under explored in Canada, but they represent vast mining camps elsewhere in the world.  In Canada, their geological framework is still unknown and their mineral potential is undervalued. 

Education and awards


PhD –McGill University, Montréal (1989)

MSc –Queen’s University, Kingston (1982)

BS, Geological Engineering – Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (1979)


  • Sector merit award for Aboriginal engagement and participation in GEM fieldwork, 2012
  • Geological Association of Canada professional development short course tour, 2009-2010
  • Sector merit award for collaboration, partnerships and aligning research activities to the needs of the government, 2006
  • Gold Hammer Award and Promotion Award from Québec Department of Energy and Resources, 1996.
  • My PhD studients received awards and varied fields of expertise, such as the 2012 Jack Henderson Medal for the best PhD thesis in Canada in structural geology and tectonics,  and the 1998 Léopold Gélinas Medal for the best PhD thesis in Canada in volcanology and igneous petrology.

Key publications

Corriveau, L. 2013. Architecture de la ceinture métasédimentaire centrale au Québec, Province de Grenville : un exemple de l’analyse de terrains de métamorphisme élevé. Commission géologique du Canada, Bulletin 586, 264 p.

Corriveau, L. and Spry, P. 2013. Metamorphosed hydrothermal ore deposits. Treatise on Geochemistry, v. 12, chapter 7.

Corriveau, L., Williams, P.J., and Mumin, H. 2010. Alteration vectors to IOCG mineralization: From uncharted terranes to deposits. Geological Association of Canada, Short Course Notes 20, p. 89-110.

Corriveau, L. and Clark, T. (Eds). 2005. The Grenville Province: a geological and mineral resources perspective derived from government and academic research initiatives. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, v. 42.

Other publications

Research facility

490 rue de la Couronne
Québec, QC G1K 9A9


External professional activities

  • Associate-professor: INRS-ETE
  • Associate Editor: Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 1994 à 2010
  • Coordinator, Friends of Grenville, 2000-2006
  • Supervisor and co-supervisor of 17 graduate students and post-doctoral fellows and 10 bachelor students since 1998