Louis Garand

Senior research scientist - Assimilation of satellite radiance observations

Current research and/or projects

Satellite data assimilation for numerical weather prediction, in particular hyper-spectral infrared radiances.

  • Assimilation of clear and cloudy infrared radiances
  • Model validation using satellite data
  • Trace gases and aerosols
  • Radiative transfer modeling
  • Propositions for new satellites

Professional activities / interests

EC science lead on Polar Communication and Weather Mission of the CSA aiming at observing the high latitudes from a highly elliptical orbit

Represents EC at the Joint Center for Data Assimilation (JCSDA)

Co-chair of radiative transfer sub-group of ITSC (International TOVS Study Conference)

Member of AMS and CMOS. Regular reviewer for several journals

Education and awards

B.Sc., Ecole Polytechnique, Engineering Physics, Montreal, 1974.

M.Sc., McGill University, meteorology, 1978.

Ph.D., meteorology, U. of Wisconsin, Madison, 1986, Graduate Student prize (CMOS, 1987)

Key publications

Garand, L. J. Feng, S. Heilliette, Y. Rochon, and A. P. Trishchenko, 2013. Assimilation of circumpolar wind vectors derived from highly elliptical orbit imagery: impact assessment based on observing system simulation experiments. J. Appl. Meteor. Climatol., 52, 1891-1908.

Trishchenko, A. P., and L. Garand, 2012. Observing polar regions from space: Advantages of a satellite system on a highly elliptical orbit versus a constellation of low Earth polar orbiters. Can. J. Remote Sensing, 38, 12-24.

Garand, L., O. Pancrati, and S. Heilliette, 2011. Validation of forecast cloud parameters from multispectral AIRS radiances. Atmos.-Ocean, 49, 121-137.

Garand, L., S. Heilliette and M. Buehner. 2007. Interchannel error correlation associated with AIRS radiance observations: inference and impact in data assimilation. J. Appl. Meteor. and Climatology. 46: 714-725.

Rochon, Y. J., L. Garand, D. S. Turner and S. Polavarapu. 2007. Jacobian mapping between vertical coordinate systems in data assimilation. Quart. J. Royal Meteorol. Soc. 133:1547-1558.

Heilliette, S., and L. Garand. 2007. A practical approach for the assimilation of cloudy infrared radiances and its evaluation using AIRS simulated observations. Atmosphere-Ocean 45(4):211-225.

Garand, L., M. Buehner, and N. Wagneur. 2004. Background error correlation between surface skin and air temperatures: estimation and impact on the assimilation of infrared window radiances. J. appl. Meteor. 43:1853-1863.

Garand, L. 2002. Toward an integrated land-ocean surface skin temperature analysis from the variational assimilation of infrared radiances. J. Appl. Meteor. 42:570-583.

Garand, L., D. S. Turner, C. Chouinard, and J. Halle. 1999. A physical formulation of atmospheric transmittances for the massive assimilation of satellite infrared radiances. J. appl. Meteor. 38:541-554.