Lisa Waddell, BSc. MSc. PhD.

Image Waddell, Lisa
Evidence synthesis team lead and senior epidemiologist

Researcher specialized in the application of evidence synthesis methodologies to priority infectious disease public health issues. Methods expertise includes systematic reviews, scoping reviews, meta-analysis, rapid reviews, literature surveillance, decision modelling, and knowledge translation for a range of audiences.

Current research and/or projects

Evidence synthesis is fundamental to public health decision-making.  My research focuses on the application of a variety of synthesis methods to support the evidence needs on priority public health issues in Canada. 

While synthesis methods can be applied to any topic, my expertise is in infectious diseases including COVID-19 and a wide range of food safety, vectorborne and zoonotic diseases.

Keystone methods:

Scoping reviews and evidence maps are used to describe the evidence underpinning a broad topic area and provides information on where there is research and where knowledge gaps exist.

Systematic reviews and rapid reviews identify, appraise and synthesize evidence on a focused topic/question, for example whether an intervention is effective, and describes the confidence in that evidence.

Meta-analysis is a statistical technique that combines quantitative information from multiple studies identified in a systematic review to create a single, more precise, summary measure of effect. It can be used to compare effective interventions (network meta-analysis), or investigate why studies do not agree (meta-regression).

New methods that have been developed and employed during a public health event include literature surveillance and living evidence summaries geared towards the continuous identification and summarization of evidence to support decision-making on a rapidly changing situation.

When these methods are applied on relevant public health issues the products can be used to help decision makers understand the available evidence and how reliable it is and where knowledge gaps exist. The outputs of knowledge synthesis can be used directly in evidence-based decision making or may be used as evidence-based inputs to risk assessments and other decision-analysis models.

Research and/or project statements

Topic area expertise:

Infectious diseases including COVID-19 and mpox 

Vector borne diseases: Lyme, Powassan, La Crosse virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, Cache Valley virus, zoonotic Babesia, anaplasmosis, zika, chikungunya

Food safety: education and determinants of safe food handling for consumers and food service workers, a variety of food safety topics related to the control of Salmonella, Campylobacter and E.coli in the food continuum.

Other topics: Hepatitis E virus, Enterovirus D-68

Professional activities / interests

Close collaboration horizontally across the agency and with a number of Canadian and international agencies and academic institutions on priority public health issues and innovative research to improve prevention strategies and response capacity on a range of infectious disease topics.

Education and awards

BSc (Hons.) Biology, University of Guelph, 2002

MSc. Epidemiology, Population Medicine, Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph, 2004

PhD. Epidemiology, Population Medicine, Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph, 2016

International experience and/or work

Member of the World Health Organization Collaboratory for pandemic and epidemic intelligence aimed at developing a global collaborative space to solve complex problems collectively, design systems and jointly evaluate and improve analytical tools, 2023- present.

Member of the Joint Food and Agricultural Organization and World Health Organization committee to prioritize low moisture foods for further guideline development by Codex Alimentarius, 2014-2015.

Key publications

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