Ling Liu, B.MD, M.MD, PhD

Head, Air Health Effects Research

Build a culture of performance excellence and sound People Management.

Effectively develop, coordinate and implement research projects.

Provide effective communication and knowledge transfer of research projects. Support and contribute to national/ international activities in the area of environmental health science research and regulatory activities.

Health Canada

Current research and/or projects

  1. Evaluation of the effects of industrial emissions of air pollutants on hospital admissions for childhood asthma and adult cardiovascular disease.

  2. Development of methodology to study whether or not government regulatory/non-regulatory actions on industrial emissions have made significant differences on population health.

  3. Investigation of influence of various sizes and chemical and biological components of particulate matter in ambient air on clinical health measures (oxidative stress, inflammation, neural markers, cardiovascular function, respiratory function).  The effects of traffic emissions are also studied.

Research and/or project statements

  • Work closely with risk assessors, air pollution regulators, and climate change regulators, to seek opportunities for the AHERS to conduct research that develops tools to support risk assessment, risk management, and risk communication.

  • Conduct research to quantify the impact of industrial air pollution emissions on community health, which will assist estimating the cost/benefits of reducing industrial emissions, and set priorities in air quality management actions on specific industrial sectors.

  • Develop methods to evaluate whether or not government regulatory/non-regulatory actions on industrial emissions have made significant differences on population health.

Professional activities / interests

  • Epidemiological and clinical research
  • Risk assessment on air pollution

Education and awards

Ph.D 1992.  Pharmacology and Toxicology.  Queen's University, Canada

Master of Medicine, Public Health (M.MD) 1985. Beijing Medical University, China

Bachelor of Medicine (B.MD) 1982.  Beijing Medical University, China


2018 Assistant Deputy Minister Award for Leadership, Healthy Environments and Consumer Safey Branch, Health Canada 

Key publications

Publications in Scientific Journals (selective)

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Publications of Federal Documents

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