Linda Nichol

Resreach Biologist

Current research and/or projects

Linda Nichol joined the Department of Fisheries and Oceans in 2001, as a research biologist working on sea otters and cetaceans in the Pacific Region. Linda became involved in field studies of marine mammals in the Canadian Pacific in1988 with her M.Sc. research on the foraging ecology of resident killer whales. Since then, she has participated in research involving photo-identification and acoustic monitoring of killer whales, effects of manmade noise on harbour porpoise, compiling whaling catch records as biological data on historic populations of large cetaceans. In the past, she has also worked on projects related to coastal marine birds, intertidal invertebrates and plants, and environmental monitoring. Current research is focused the conservation status of sea otters, listed as Threatened under Canada's Species-at-Risk Act. She also participates in field research of SARA listed cetacean species. Sea otter research involves population assessment, habitat modelling, and assessment of potential threats to sea otters (e.g. genetic diversity, disease, and health). Research is undertaken in collaboration with colleagues at universities, the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre, and internationally.

Education and awards

B.Sc. Zoology
(University of British Columbia)

M.Sc. Zoology
(University of British Columbia)

Key publications


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