Liisa M. Jantunen, PhD

Analytical Environmental Chemist - Manager of Organic Analysis Laboratory and Sinior Building Officer of the Centre for Atmospheric Research Experiments (CARE)

Current research and/or projects

Identification of new and emerging compounds in the Great Lakes and Arcric environments including organophosphate flame retardants and plasticizers. Process research on transport and fate of Persistent, Bio-accumulative and Toxic substances (PBTs) focusing on air-water gas exchange of organochlorine pesticides, chiral compounds and currently used pesticides.

  • Identification of new and emerging compounds in the Great Lakes and Arctic environments.
  • Transport and fate of persistent, bioaccumulative and toxics compounds to the arctic.
  • Air-water gas exchange of legacy and current use pesticides in the Great Lakes and Arcrtic.
  • Determination of physical-chemcial properties of PBTs.

Recently I have started to investigate in microplastics in the Canadian Arctic, their transport, fate and introduction into the food chain.

Research and/or project statements

Adjunct Professor at the University of Toronto in the Department of Earth Sciences and the Graduate Department in Physical and Environmental Sciences at the University of Toronto Scarborough.

Professional activities / interests

Northern Contaminants Program Researcher

ArcticNet Collaborator

Integrated Atmospheric Deposition Network (IADN): acting Principal Investigator between April 2009-March 2010 and April-July 2007

Education and awards

P.h.D. University of Toronto, Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, November 2009. Thesis Title: Sources and Fate of Organochlorine Pesticides in North America and the Arctic

M.A.Sc., University of Toronto, Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1997. Thesis Title: Air-Water Gas Exchange of Toxaphene in Arctic Regions

B.Sc., University of Waterloo, Department of Chemistry, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, 1995. Honours Applied Chemistry

Instant award for innovative cost saving methods in the laboratory.

International experience and/or work

  • Umeå University, Umeå Sweden: Visiting scientist scholarship, June-August 2016.

  • Bursa Technical University, Bursa Turkey: Visiting scientist award, February 2014.

  • ReceTox, Masaryk University, Czech Republic: Invited guest lecturer, June 2010.

  • University of Lancaster, UK: 2000 Visiting scientist with Dr. Kevin Jones.

  • Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden: 1997-1998 visiting scientist with Dr. Henrik Kylin.

Key publications

2018 (3)

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2017 (5)

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2016 (5)

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2015 (5)

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