L. Robbin Lindsay

Research Scientist

Research Scientist in Zoonotic Diseases and Special Pathogens section with focus on laboratory and field-based surveillance for various zoonotic disease agents

Current research and/or projects

As a research scientist in the Zoonotic Diseases and Special Pathogens section, I conduct field and laboratory-based research on the occurrence, prevalence and distribution of arthropod-borne zoonotic disease agents in Canada.  These investigations intend to provide relevant information for pathogen detection and control of these agents.

Research and/or project statements

  • Research focuses on laboratory and field-based research on the occurrence, prevalence and distribution of arthropod-borne zoonotic disease agents in Canada.
    • Various zoonotic disease agents including: Lyme borreliosis and other tick-associated infections, West Nile virus, Zika virus and other mosquito-borne infections and hantaviruses and other rodent-associated pathogens. 
  • Balances reference diagnostic services, surveillance activities and conducts applied research projects.
  • Conducts research intended to provide relevant information for pathogen detection and control of these agents.

Professional activities / interests

Robbin Lindsay has served on the executive committees and has been a member of several infectious disease and entomological societies.These organizations include: the Entomological Society of Manitoba, American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Society for Vector Ecology, and the International Conference on Diseases in Nature Communicable to Man. 

Education and awards

Ph.D. Environmental Biology, University of Guelph, 1995 

M.Sc. Entomology, University of Manitoba, 1989

B.Sc. (Hons.) Biology, University of Winnipeg, 1987

International experience and/or work

Robbin Lindsay has been deployed on several international research or humanitarian missions.These deployments include: field studies to determine the reservoirs for Ebola in the Ivory Coast (1998), setting up a research study on hantaviruses in Paraguay (2003); conducting field studies on West Nile virus in birds and mosquitoes in Cuba (2006); providing lab support in GOARN-led mission on Rift Valley Fever in Kenya in 2007 and as part of the WHO-lead humanitarian effort related to diagnostic support for Ebola Management in Sierra Leone (Feb-March 2015).

Key publications


Hutcheson, H. J., S. J. Dergousoff, and L. R. Lindsay. 2019. Haemaphysalis longicornis: A tick of considerable veterinary importance, now established in North America. Can. Vet. J. 60:27-28.


James, C. A., D. L. Pearl, L. R. Lindsay, A. S. Peregrine, and C. M. Jardine. 2019. Risk factors associated with the carriage of Ixodes scapularis relative to other tick species in a population of pet dogs from southeastern Ontario, Canada. Ticks Tick-borne Dis. 10:290-298.


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Clow, K. M., N. H. Ogden, L. R. Lindsay, C. B. Russell, P. Michel, D. L. Pearl, and C. M. Jardine. 2018. A field-based indicator for determining the likelihood of Ixodes scapularis establishment at sites in Ontario, Canada. PLoS ONE 13: 2.


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McVea, D. A., C. G. Himsworth, D. M. Patrick, L. R. Lindsay, M. Kosoy, and T. Kerr. 2018. Exposure to Rats and Rat-Associated Leptospira and Bartonella Species Among People Who Use Drugs in an Impoverished, Inner-City Neighborhood of Vancouver, Canada. Vector Borne Zoonotic Dis. 18:82-88.


Mechai, S., G. Margos, E. J. Feil, L. R. Lindsay, P. Michel, S. O. Kotchi, and N. H. Ogden. 2018. Evidence for an effect of landscape connectivity on Borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto dispersion in a zone of range expansion. Ticks Tick-borne Dis. 9:1407-1415.


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Ripoche, M., L. R. Lindsay, A. Ludwig, N. H. Ogden, K. Thivierge, and P. A. Leighton. 2018. Multi-scale clustering of Lyme disease risk at the expanding leading edge of the range of Ixodes scapularis in Canada. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 15: 4.


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Sanderson, M., L. R. Lindsay, T. M. Campbell, and M. Morshed. 2018. A case of Powassan encephalitis acquired in southern Quebec. CMAJ 190:E1478-E1480.


Schillberg, E., D. Lunny, L. R. Lindsay, M. P. Nelder, C. Russell, M. Mackie, D. Coats, A. Berry, and K. N. Y. Hoon. 2018. Distribution of Ixodes scapularis in northwestern Ontario: Results from active and passive surveillance activities in the northwestern health unit catchment area. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 15: 10.


Research facility

1015 Arlington Street
Winnipeg, MB R3E 3M4


Robbin Lindsay has served as an adjunct facility member at several Canadian universities including the University of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Guelph and McGill (Montreal). Duties include providing guest lectures on topics related to zoonotic or vector-borne diseases and mentoring under-graduate and graduate students.