Kit K. Szeto

Research Scientist - Research on regional climate processes and drought dynamics
Environment and Climate Change Canada

Current research and/or projects

Contributing to improved understanding and prediction of regional climate variability and change, particularly climate extremes such as drought, in Canada

  • Studying drought dynamics
  • Modelling and diagnostics of regional climate variability and extremes
  • Regional water and energy cycling and budget assessments

Professional activities / interests

Serving on committees and working groups of science programs (e.g., member of the Drought Research Initiative (DRI) Science Committee, member of the GEWEX/CEOP Water and Energy Budget Study (WEBS) and Extremes working groups)

Conference, Workshop and session organization (e.g. co-convener of the Northern Climate Properties and Trends Session at the 2004 Joint CMOS-AGU-CGU Assembly in Montreal)

Education and awards

Ph.D. Physics, University of Toronto, 1991

Key publications

Szeto, K.K. 2008. On the extreme variability and change of cold-season temperatures in northwest Canada. J. Climate. 21: 94-113.

Szeto, K.K., R.E. Stewart, M.K. Yau and J. Gyakum. 2007. Northern Tales: A synthesis of MAGS atmospheric and hydrometeorological research. Bull. Amer. Met. Soc. 88:1411-1425.

Liu J., R.E. Stewart and K.K. Szeto. 2004. Moisture transport and other hydrometeorological features associated with the severe 2001 drought over the Canadian Prairies. J. Climate. 17:305–319.

Woo, M.K., R. Thorne and K. Szeto. 2006. Reinterpretation of streamflow trends based on shifts in large-scale atmospheric circulation. Hydrological Processes. 20:3995-4003.

Szeto, K.K. 2007. Assessing Water and Energy Budgets for the Saskatchewan River Basin. J. Met. Soc. Jap. 85A:167-186.

Szeto, K.K. 2002. Moisture recycling over the Mackenzie Basin. Atmos.-Ocean. 40:181-197.