Kelvin Hirsch


Climate Change and Forests Research Program

Natural Resources Canada

Current research and/or projects

  • Leadership of about 35 scientific and technical staff in the Northern Forestry Centre’s Climate Change Research Program, which includes both carbon science and accounting as well as impacts and adaptation research
  • CFS Climate Change Adaptation Project Coordinator in conjunction with directors at all centres and branches to provide collective leadership in planning and priorities setting for all CFS activities in the field of climate change impacts and adaptation
  • Leader of the Technical Advisory Group of the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers Climate Change Task Force undertaking a major vulnerability and adaptation assessment of sustainable forest management in Canada under a changing climate
  • Member of the NRCan Horizontal Task Team on Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation
  • Past involvement in forest fire research, creation of Canada’s FireSmart program, and development of the Canadian Wildland Fire Strategy.

Education and awards

BSc Forestry, 1984 (University of Alberta)

MSc Forestry, 1996 (University of Toronto)


Canadian Institute of Forestry

International Association of Wildland Fire

Complexity and systems-thinking