Keith A. Hobson

Research Scientist - Bird Conservation and Management

Current research and/or projects

Contributing to Environment Canada’s mandate to ensure wildlife is conserved and protected

  • Conservation and management of boreal forest birds and other wildlife
  • Conservation and management of waterbirds with particular emphasis on the interactions between fish-eating birds and commercial and sport fisheries
  • Recovery of species at risk (Loggerhead Shrike, Rusty Blackbird, Golden-winged Warbler)
  • Development of stable isotope and other biomarkers to investigate animal ecology and the tracking of migrants
  • Use of stable isotopes to track the source and fate of environmental contaminants in terrestrial and marine systems

Professional activities / interests

Former Editor, Waterbirds (International Journal of Waterbird Biology)

Co-editor, Avian Conservation and Ecology (Journalof the Society of Canadian Ornithologists)

Member, Editorial Boards for international journals: Ecoscience, Journal of Ornithology, Avian Conservation and Ecology, Waterbirds

Founder and Executive Board Member, Delta Marsh Bird Observatory (Lake Manitoba)

Education and awards

Doris Huestis Speiers Award (Society of Canadain Ornithologists) for outstanding contributions to ornithological research, 2011

Elliott Coues Award (American Ornithologists' Union), for outstanding and innovative contributions to ornithological research, 2007

Geoff Howell Citation of Excellence for Innovation (Environment Canada), shared with Dr. Len Wassenaar, 2005

Fellow, American Ornithologists' Union, 2004

Key publications

Hobson, K.A. 2011. Isotopic ornithology, a perspective. Journal of Ornithology 152:49-66

Hobson, K.A., C.M. Sharp, R.L. Jeffries, R.F. Rockwell and K.F. Abraham. 2011.Nutrient allocation startegies to eggs by Lesser Snow Geese at a sub Arctic colony. Auk 128:156-165.

Hobson, K.A. 2006. Using stable isotopes to quantitatively track endogenous and exogenous nutrient allocations to eggs of birds that travel to breed. Ardea 94: 359-369.

Hobson, K.A. 2005. Stable isotopes and the determination of avian migratory connectivity and seasonal interactions. Auk 122: 1037-1048.

Hobson, K.A., G. Bowen, L. Wassenaar, Y. Ferrand and H. Lormee. 2004. Using stable hydrogen and oxygen isotope measurements of feathers to infer geographical origins of migrating European birds. Oecologia 141: 477-488.

Hobson, K.A. and J. Schieck. 1999. Changes in bird communities in boreal mixedwood forest: harvest and wildfire effects over 30 years. Ecological Applications 9: 849-863.

Marra, P.P., K.A. Hobson, and R.T. Holmes. 1998. Linking winter and summer events in a migratory bird using stable carbon isotopes. Science 282: 1884-1886.