Justin Pahara, Ph.D.

Image Justin Pahara
Research Scientist
  • Establish and expand nanotechnology-based research and development efforts
  • Development of next generation crop treatments

Current research and/or projects

  • Researching and developing nanotechnology devices for next generation crop treatment technologies.
  • Developing foundational methods to expedite the discovery and characterization of nanotechnology-based molecular delivery devices
  • Automated image processing and analysis for agricultural use-cases

Research and/or project statements

  • Expanding the investigation of nanotechnology for agriculture use-cases
  • Developing and testing standardized methods to better characterize and manufacture nanomaterials
  • Developing and testing methods to assess nanomaterials safety


Professional activities / interests

  • STEM education
  • Canadian Mirror Committee


Education and awards

B.Sc. Immunology and Infection, University of Alberta, 2006

M.Sc. Cell Biology, University of Alberta, 2008

Ph.D. University of Cambridge, 2013

GSP. Singularity University, 2010

ELBI Fellowship, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, 2017