Julia Baak

Image Julia Baak
Conservation Biologist

Contributing to Environment and Climate Change Canada’s mandate to ensure wildlife is monitored, protected and conserved by: 

  • Monitoring seabird and sea duck populations across the three northern territories to inform harvest regulation, status and trends reporting, and evidence-based decision-making. 
  • Providing expert scientific advice on seabirds and sea ducks to support Marine Conservation Targets, Ocean Protection Plan initiatives, and to broadly support marine use and conservation planning by partners and other parties. 

Education and awards

MSc in Biology, Acadia University

BSc Honours in Environmental Science, Dalhousie University


Key publications

Gutowsky, S.E., Baak J.E., Craik S.R., Mallory M.L., Knutson N., d’Entremont A.A., Allard K.A. (2023). Seasonal and circadian patterns of herring gull (Larus smithsoniansus) movements reveal temporal shifts in industry and coastal island interaction. Ecological Solutions and Evidence 4(3): e12274.

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