Joy B Bruno

Image Joy B Bruno
Toxicogenomic Biologist - Team Leader, Toxicogenomics Group

Supervise team of technologists who provide species identification service to Wildlife Enforcement Division.

Current research and/or projects

Contributing to Environment Canada's mandate to ensure aquatic ecosystems are conserved and protected

  • Supervises wildlife forensic laboratory including developing, validating and establishing capacity
  • Authors Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures for traditional toxicology and genomics methods
  • Performs risk assessment and management of priority substances and emerging contaminants
  • Responsible for maintaining Canadian Association of Environmental and Analytical Laboratories (CAEAL) accreditation for Rainbow trout toxicity tests, including conducting proficiency tests
  • Conducts toxicogenomic studies to examine gene expression changes in fish following toxicant or effluent exposures; these studies generated predictive and diagnostic data ultimately intended to prevent pollution by minimizing the impact on aquatic species

Professional activities / interests

Twenty years S&T experience in conducting and supervising toxicology and toxicogenomic studies

Develops, leads and participates in consultations, undertakes memberships on working groups, panels, involving internal/external stakeholders, provides advice as a specialist

Invited delegate to international and national conferences and workshops

Education and awards

PBD (Environmental Science) Capilano University, North Vancouver

B.Sc.(Hon.) Biochemistry, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby

Designated Analyst: Canadian Environmental Protection Act and Fisheries Act and Yukon Waters Act

Key publications

Vidal-Dorsch DE, Bay SM, Moore S, Layton B, Mehinto AC, Vulpe CD, Brown-Augustine M, Loguinov A, Poynton H, Garcia-Reyero N, Perkins EJ, Escalon L,

Denslow ND, Cristina CR, Doan T, Shukradas S, Bruno J, Brown L, Van Aggelen G, Jackman P, and M. Bauer. 2015. Ecotoxicogenomics: Microarray interlaboratory comparability. Chemosphere. 2015 Sep 9;144:193-200. doi: 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2015.08.019. PubMed PMID: 26363320.

Bruno, J. and K. Bemben. 2017 Canada's New Approach for Tracking Polar Bear Hides in Trade. Society for Wildlife Forensic Science Newsletter. Vol 2. No.1

Wiseman, S., H.Osachoff, E. Bassett, J. Malhotra, J. Bruno, G. VanAggelen, T.P. Mommsen and M.M. Vijayan. 2007. Gene expression pattern in the liver during recovery from an acute stressor in rainbow trout. Comp. Biochem. Physiol. D (doi:10.1016/j.cbd.2007.04.005).

Bruno, J.B., T.P. Mommsen, S. Horvath and G.C. vanAggelen. 2006. Genomic Responses of Underyearling Rainbow Trout to Effluent from Nine Pulp Mills in British Columbia. Technical report for EC and BCMOE.

J. Bruno. 2004. Effects of Two Industrial Effluents on Juvenile White Sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) J. Bruno for Sturgeon Contaminants Working Group in Kruse G and Webb M. 2006. Upper Columbia River White Sturgeon Contaminant and Deformity Evaluation and Summary Technical Report for Upper Columbia River White Sturgeon Recovery Team Contaminants Sub-Committee.

Research facility

2645 Dollarton Highway
North Vancouver, BC V7H 1V2


Society for Wildlife Forensic Science

Microarray and Gene Expression Data (MGED) Society

Daphnia Genomics Consortium (DGC)