Jon Stokes

Image Jonathan Stokes
Research Development Officer

Current research and/or projects

Ballast water management and biofouling in Canada. 

Professional activities / interests

Testing and evaluating innovative transportation technologies. 

Developing climate change and environmental mitigation strategies in the marine sector. 

Emissions and performance studies related to vehicles and engines, including advanced technologies and fuel studies.  

Carbon pricing regulatory development (emissions and production quantification requirements in the federal OBPS).  

Education and awards

MEng, Civil Engineering (Advanced Water Technologies and Process Design),
University of Toronto 

HBSc., Physical & Environmental Sciences (Environmental Biology), 
University of Toronto 

Key publications

Rosenblatt, D., Stokes, J., Caffrey, C., & Brown, K. (2021). Effect of E10 Fuels on emissions from on-road motorcycles, SAE Technical Paper.



Rosenblatt, D., Stokes, J., Caffrey, C., & Brown, K. (2020). Effect of driving cycles on emissions from on-road motorcycles. SAE Technical Paper,


Araji, F., & Stokes, J. (2019). Evaluation of emissions from light duty trucks with and without the use of a gasoline particulate filter. SAE Technical Paper,


Minet, L., Stokes, J., Scott, J., Xu, J., Weichenthal, S., & Hatzopoulou, M. (2018). Should traffic-related air pollution and noise be considered when designing urban bicycle networks? Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 65, 736-749.  


Doan, P., Watson, S. B., Markovic, S., Liang, A., Guo, J., Mugalingam, S., Stokes, J., Morley, A., Zhang, W., Arhonditsis, G. B., & Dittrich, M. (2018). Phosphorus retention and internal loading in the Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, using diagenetic modelling. The Science of the Total Environment, 636, 39–51.  


Advanced Motor Fuels Technology Collaboration Programme (International Energy Agency)